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This build has been designed for the following use:

An heavily revamped version of a very old build concept, this setup uses Sliver Armor to farm the Smite Crawlers and the Skeletons of Dhuum of the Underworld's Ice Wastes. The whole run can be done either solo or with a team of heroes assisting you in clearing the Labyrinth's chamber. The variant with heroes is significantly faster at killing Smites while playing solo allows you to keep the entirety of the gold coins drops (~1k per run).

Attributes and Skills

Template code

  • Optional Optional 1 and Optional Optional 2 :

If playing without heroes :

  • Black Powder Mine Black Powder Mine and Unseen Fury Unseen Fury

If using heroes to clear the chamber :

  • Snow Storm Snow Storm and Aftershock Aftershock
  • When facing Smites, use Snow Storm once at the start of the fight. This way it always deals full damage, without the Smites scattering.



  • Armor
    • One set with full Attunement Runes/Radiant Insignias and the Highest Vigor rune possible. This will be used for the Grasping Darknesses.
    • One set with full Infiltrator Insignias, 2 Runes of Vitae and the Highest Vigor rune possible. This will be used for the Smite Crawlers.
  • Weapons
    • One staff with the highest energy possible and a +20% enchantment duration mod. Divine Ghostly Staff is a very good unique alternative. This will be used against the Graspings Darknesses of the Chamber.
    • Any caster-modded one-handed weapon coupled with :
      • One shield with a +10 vs Slashing mod and a Fortitude mod (Keht's Aegis is perfect for this). This will be the shield you'll use during the run.
      • One shield with a +10 vs Piercing/Fire mod and a Fortitude mod (Kunan's Bastion is a viable option for this). This will be the shield you'll use against the Smite Crawlers.


Grasping Darknesses (only if playing without heroes)

  • Immediately after spawning, run to Benton and place two Black Powder Mines (or two Dust Traps if playing as a Ranger) side by side on the little cross on the ground near him.

    Ice Wastes, detailed.

  • Take the quest "Clear the Chamber" from the Lost Soul, wait ~5 seconds then aggro the Grasping Darknesses spawning from the southwestern corridor with Dark Escape under Dwarven Stability. Run back to your traps.
  • After the Grasping Darknesses get blinded by the traps, cast Glyph of Renewal, Sliver Armor, Shroud of Distress/Stoneflesh Aura. Wait ~5 seconds then blind them again with Unseen Fury/Throw Dirt. Renew Sliver Armor then cast a third Black Powder Mine and one last Sliver Armor.
  • They should now be dead. Feel free to auto-attack during the fight.
  • Now, you'll use the same method with your two traps near the northern stairs. You'll see the stairs forming a crenellated shadow on the ground, at their base. Place your traps on the leftmost "shadowy stair", then aggro and kill the two other groups. Take them on one by one for maximum safety.
  • If a Dying Nightmare followed you to the kill spot, let the Nightmare remove Dwarven Stability, then ball the Graspings on it before resuming your kill sequence as usual.

The Run (only if playing without heroes)

  • Switch to your weapon and your +10 vs Slashing shield.

    Graspings following you during the run will always lose aggro when entering the red circle.

  • Watch the eastern chamber. Time your run carefully so you don't aggro the patrol with Grasping Darknesses and a Dying Nightmare nor the wandering eastern chamber Skeleton of Dhuum. The other patrol (two Aatxes going left and right) must be engaged in the open to reduce any risk of bodyblocking.
  • After passing through the gate, you'll need to run to the wall in front of you (see the zone marked red on the image on the right) to de-aggro all the Grasping Darknesses following you (the ones from the first chamber).
  • If using an Assassin, the whole run can be done in one try, without stopping near the bridge.
  • Wait a little bit then run to the Ice Wastes. Try not to aggro the patrol of Grasping Darknesses+Dying Nightmare, even if you can survive them. Every health point counts. Run past the first Skeleton of Dhuum.

Skeletons of Dhuum

Smite Crawlers

  • Switch to your Infiltrator armor and your +10 vs Piercing/Fire shield .
  • Always aggro the Smite Crawlers one group at a time. You can't tank more than five of them.
  • Aggro the first group of Smite Crawlers. When in position for the spike, cast Shroud of Distress, maintain Dark Escape (in combination with Dwarven Stability) and Sliver Armor with Glyph of Renewal.
  • They should quickly die. If one or two Smite Crawlers stay alive (usually with ~5% health), cast EVAS (x2 if needed) to finish them quickly.
  • Repeat the same procedure for every Smite Crawler group in the Ice Wastes.
  • Never auto-attack Smite Crawlers as they have Shield of Judgment and will most likely kill you.
  • Use EVAS against Dying Nightmares.


  • Feel free to study the little patrol map on the "Usage" section to familiarize yourself with the Ice Wastes.
  • For this to work safely and reliably, having the exact armor and equipment recommended is mandatory.
  • Always keep an eye on the Skeletons of Dhuum.
  • Never aggro Coldfire Nights. Learning their patrols is a key part of Smite Crawler farming.
  • Using your own continental server helps against rubberbanding.

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