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This build is a variant for running the mission Imperial Sanctum in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode using Flashing Blades.

Attributes and Skills

You have an additional 11% chance to critical hit. Whenever you critical hit, you get 2 Energy.
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  • Enter the mission. If running other players, add Lukas into your party. You want him to get banished so that the Shiro'ken Warrior spawns.
  • Walk through the gate and trigger the cutscene. If running people, indicate where they should stand (usually at either of the two towers).
  • Stand just outside of aggro range and cast Critical Agility → Critical Defenses → Vigorous Spirit → Flashing Blades and then grab aggro and start attacking without using any skills to start gaining some energy back. Then cast Critical Eye.
  • Once you have enough energy, start casting your dagger spamming skills.
  • Keep attacking until Shiro dies.
    • When Shiro uses Meditation of the Reaper, you can use this time as respite to regain some energy with your zealous daggers.


  • Mhenlo getting aggro.
  • One of the people you are running interfering.



  • AI will prioritize following players in motion over stationary players. Players being run can pull Mhenlo away to avoid aggroing Shiro or the Warrior construct this way.

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