Cb.jpg This is a Costume Brawl build.

This build was created by ArenaNet for the Costume Brawl Halloween Event. Please do not rate the build and only edit the article in order to reflect the original build in the game.

This is a build used by Assassins in the form of Anton/Shiro for males and Nika/Mysterious Assassin for females.

Attributes and Skills

You have an additional 10% chance to critical hit. Whenever you critical hit, you get 2 Energy.
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  • Bronze Daggers
    • Piercing Dmg: 7-17 (Requires 12 Dagger Mastery)
    • +15% Damage when HP is above 50%
    • +20% Damage


  • Maintain WotEP as much as possible when in battle.
  • Keep up the pressure with Black Mantis > Fox Fangs > Repeating > Repeating > ect while Twisting Fangs recharges.
  • Dash to get around faster

Source Documentation

  • The Guild Wars Wiki article about this build and event can be found on Costume Brawl