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Abuses pathing AI to farm stygian gemstones, lightbringer rep, and golds.

Attributes and Skills

Template code


Safe Spot A

Safe Spot B

  • Grab the quest and move to position A. This a is a safe spot in the alcove where the cliff and tendril gate intersect.
  • Once the Hungers move away, head to position B.
    • First move near the corner behind the gate.
    • Face slightly left of perpendicular to the gate and strafe northwesterly.
    • You will slowly move to the left until you catch onto the invisible polygon, this is the safe spot.
    • If you face too far to the left, you won't catch the corner correctly and slip off.
    • Reset if you rubberband in the slightest, you can be punished for moving away a few pixels.
  • Once you are in position, use Dwarven Stability and Shadow of Haste.
  • Lure Stygian Hungers back to the tendril gate next to safe spot B. Walk backwards or sideways to avoid breaking aggro in Normal Mode.
  • Stand perfectly still and cancel Shadow of Haste with Dash. Moving will cause you to move off of position when you shadowstep. You can break aggro in Normal Mode, but Hard Mode is a death warrant.
  • Spam Raven Swoop Raven Blessing to kill them.
  • Immediately use Dwarven Stability and Shadow of Haste and move back to position A. This lets the Stygian Brutes by.
  • Shadow of Haste will last long enough for you to lure and kill the second cycle.
  • You can continue killing the next three spawns at the spawn near position B. The third cycle has Stygian Fiends, which are a waste of time to attempt killing.


  • Bad pulls
  • Unlucky aggro, usually resulting in furthest group running away.
  • KD from Bull's Strike if not brave enough


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