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Solo farm the Undead of the Gates of Kryta mission with any profession in Hard mode for bones, dust, various other materials, gold, runes, insignias, weapon upgrades, dye, Decayed Orr Emblems. This can also be used to farm the group of Undead outside Bergen Hot Springs.

Attributes and Skills

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  • As a Monk and Dervish primary, it is possible to do the trick mentioned in the Notes section in Hard Mode. If going for it, swap Healing Breeze Healing Breeze for Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration .
  • If wanting to farm in Normal mode, simply swap Protective Spirit Protective Spirit for another offensive skill of your choice.



  • Low health armor (Superior runes on all armor pieces).
    • If playing in Normal Mode, max armor.
  • Radiant insignias are ideal.
  • High Energy Staff with +20% enchanting (Sadi's Benediction is perfect).
  • Zealous Scythe of Enchanting for Paragons, Warriors, and Rangers to help with energy if doing the whole mission.
  • Primary attribute superior rune if Assassin, Dervish, Elementalist, Mesmer, or Necromancer.


  • There are two ways to complete this farm, either clearing all the undead in the mission, or only the large mob behind the house repeatedly. Each way is profitable.
  • As you enter the mission, follow the main path until you reach the house on your left.
  • Go behind the house, through the opening in the house's front fence, and down the path. Do not talk to Oink as he will follow you through a large part of the mission and interfere with your ability to clump enemies.
  • Prot yourself, then aggro the Hellhound. Grasping Ghouls will pop out of the ground. Use the Right Wall block technique [1] on them on top of the little cliff.
  • Under your prots, spike them using Shield of Judgment, Smite Condition and Light of Deldrimor. When this first group dies, another massive group will run towards you.
  • Alternate between Shielding Hands and Shield of Absorption for protection.
  • Aggro as many monsters as possible and make sure they all have a clear path to hit you with attacks. Aggroing as much as possible will make the most out of SoJ and is a good way to deal with its downtime.
  • Once that big group is dead, time to pick up your drops and restart (unless you plan on doing the whole thing).
  • To farm the entire mission, continue down the path. Avoid the first skeleton patrol by going left, aggroing the Hellhounds and Zombie Warlocks. Go for huge aggros and speed but try to avoid facing both Skeleton Rangers and Skeleton Mesmers at the same time. Focus on undead, do not aggro beach critters (especially Mergoyles, as they have Power Block) and don't go down the river toward the bonus chest, this build's prot is not meant to withstand heavy lightning strikes.


  • Not keeping up one of your protection enchantments, and not healing often enough.
  • Dazed. The boss Sayad the Bloodless uses Concussion Shot. If he spawns, it may be best to avoid him or let the friendly NPC's become his target first. If you get dazed, it is best to run away.


  • This can allow you to stock up on Decayed Orr Emblems for the case in which they become an event collector item.
  • If going for the whole mission, it is possible to trigger the end cinematic without talking to Justiciar Hablion. As the NPC's die quickly in Hard Mode, it might be wise to do so.
  • To farm the Undead outside Bergen Hot Springs, enter Nebo Terrace, aggro the Skeleton Rangers in front of you, ball them on top of each other by walking a few feet backwards then spike. Be careful not to aggro the Necrid Horseman.
  • Trick: Walk to the very corner of the front yard opposite the house. The undead in the valley below you should start to move when done correctly. This makes the large mob behind the house double in size (becoming more dangerous in the process). Please note that it can only be done with the Monk or Dervish variants in Hard Mode (because of Skeleton Mesmers). It can be done with any profession in Normal Mode.


(in Normal Mode)

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