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Kill the Doppelganger in Augury Rock on Hard Mode with any profession, well within the Zaishen Quest's bonus criteria.

Attributes and Skills

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Optional - additional skills and attributes for the following professions you could consider for faster runs:

Any Any:

  • Having Dark Fury Dark Fury on the bar for Doppel to sacrifice health will make the fight a few seconds shorter.
  • Especially useful for Warriors and Paragons as the few seconds you save are just enough to end the fight in 2 casts of Insidious Parasite instead of 3.


  • Take Dual Shot Dual Shot for Insidious Parasite synergy, never use it yourself.


  • Set Smiting Prayers to 12.
  • Take Retribution Retribution and use it upon entering the mission.

NecromancerNecromancer &MesmerMesmer:

  • Set Domination Magic to 12.
  • Take Empathy Empathy and use it after Insidious Parasite.


  • Set Restoration Magic to 12.
  • Take Vengeful Was Khanhei Vengeful Was Khanhei , use it after Insidious Parasite and renew it on recharge.


  • Warriors and Paragons should use a staff for the extra energy. Others can use whatever gear they have, but a shield set can make the run even safer.


  • Stay in range and just maintain your skills.
  • NEVER attack.

Exemplary Video

Dervish player, insidious parasite only.

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