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A simple and cheap method for completing the Winds of Change quest Cleansing Haiju Lagoon on any difficulty with any character. A speed boost hero is not mandatory, but highly recommended.


Any/Necromancer BiP

Blood is Power optional optional optional optional optional optional optional

Any/Paragon Speed Boost

"Incoming!" "Fall Back!" optional optional optional optional optional optional

Skill Bars


Template code

Optional Hero

Template code


  • Anything will do.


Part 1 - Running

  • Start from Zen Daijun.
  • There should be no enemies on the way to the lagoon, but getting there can take up to two minutes hence why the speed boost hero is recommended.

Part 2 - Luring

  • This is the tricky part. The goal is to drag the ministry NPC, Initiate Tsuriai up to the middle of the island where she'll be safe.
  • To do that, you must stand north of Tsuriai and cast BiP. She'll try to heal you up, which is what we're going to exploit. Right after casting BiP, head to the centre of the island. Keep a distance from her, but not too big else she'll stop following you.
    • Although it is possible to use BiP on her, you may instead decide to BiP your speed boost hero so you can keep slightly out of casting range of Tsuriai at all times.
  • If she stops or turns back, recast BiP.
  • Keep doing this until she's in the middle (or even northern) part of the island. Wait there until she cleanses the lagoon.
  • It's possible that this method might take a few tries to get right.


Quest without a hero

Quest with a hero