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This is a Feather Farming build for any Profession in Normal Mode. The Sensali can drop both feathers and bones. They also drop Feathered Crests which can be salvaged into 2-3 feathers each.

Skills and Attributes

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NOTE: It is highly recommended to bring one IMS and one extra survivability skill especially if new to feather-farming or aggroing more than one mob.

  • Drunken Master Drunken Master - For faster movement.
  • Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor - For greater health and armor.
  • Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability - Doubles stance times.
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" - Counters cripple during balling phase.
  • Resilient Weapon Resilient Weapon - For health regeneration and extra armor.
  • Weapon of Warding Weapon of Warding - For health regeneration and chance of block.

For any of these options, drop Restoration Magic to 10

Ranger Ranger: +8 in Wilderness Survival:

  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness - Will reduce recharge time of skills. (Note: This stance will cancel active IMS stances)
  • Troll Unguent Troll Unguent - Health regeneration (cast before you aggro).

Mesmer Mesmer: +8 in Domination or Illusion:

  • Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Demise - Stronger spike
  • Unnatural Signet Unnatural Signet - Works well with Wastrels.
  • Clumsiness Clumsiness or Wandering Eye Wandering Eye - Stronger spikes

Assassin Assassin: +8 in Shadow Arts:

  • Dark Escape Dark Escape - Increased movement speed.
  • Dash Dash - Increased movement speed.
  • Unseen Fury Unseen Fury - If taking too much damage
  • Shroud of Distress Shroud of Distress - pretty good survivability skill.

Elementalist Elementalist: +8 in Fire Magic:

  • Flame Djinn's Haste Flame Djinn's Haste - Good against stragglers and rechargeable IMS to next group (w/ +20% Enchantments)
  • Inferno Inferno - Good for stragglers
  • Flame Burst Flame Burst - Same as Inferno but with half the recharge time and at a higher energy cost (Note: The difference in damage is negligible)

Monk Monk: +8 in Smiting:

  • Retribution Retribution - Faster spikes
  • Balthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit - If having Energy problems
  • Essence Bond Essence Bond - If having Energy problems

Warrior Warrior: +8 in Tactics:

  • Whirlwind Attack Whirlwind Attack - Faster spikes (Use Cyclone Axe Cyclone Axe , Crude Swing Crude Swing , or "To the Limit!" "To the Limit!" to build adrenaline)
  • Soldier's Speed Soldier's Speed - 15% IMS (w/ Dwarven Stability: 15-20 seconds)

Dervish Dervish: +8 in Earth Prayers:

  • Sand Shards Sand Shards - Provide stronger spikes




  • Maxed Armor.
  • Staff with high energy (+15, +5 = +20 Energy) and 20% HSR


  • Survivor Insignias (if taking too much damage) or Radiant Insignias (for lower energy professions). Can run easily with at least 440 health at 60 AR (or 400 at 70 AR) and 35 energy.


This is the route for the farm.

  • Enter Jaya Bluffs from Seitung Harbor. (For more details and locations see: Guide to feather farming.)
  • Cast Generous Was Tsungrai before grabbing aggro.
  • After aggro is taken, and at around mid-to-low health, cast Vengeful Was Khanhei while waiting for the rest of the Sensali to ballup.
  • Once everything is balled, cast Spirit Rift, Ancestor's Rage, and Light of Deldrimor to kill all around you. If everything was in range, there should be no stragglers.


  • Waiting too long for ball and cannot maintain health.
  • Over aggroing.
  • Run out of energy.



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