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This build utilizes spirits to allow the effortless completion of all solo content in the game with any primary profession.

Attributes and Skills

Variant: Rt/any Signet of Spirits Solo Content
Creatures you create have 12% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 12% longer.
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Optional slot 1:

  • Vampirism Vampirism - another spirit and some extra sustain.
  • Shadowsong Shadowsong - if the target has to be blinded.
  • Anguish Anguish - extra damage.

Optional slot 2:

  • Summon Spirits Summon Spirits / Summon Spirits (Luxon) Summon Spirits (Luxon)
  • "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "You Move Like a Dwarf!" - additional damage with instant snare.


Solo Content

Norn Fighting Tournament


  • Walk into the gateway, stopping halfway through (You may fail to find the correct spot at first but it can be done with some practice).
  • Cast your spirits (If you positioned yourself correctly in the previous step, the spirits will still be able to attack through the door after it closes).
    • Against foes with AoE damage, consider moving sideways after casting so that the spirits will not be quickly destroyed.
    • Against certain opponents, you may save time by leaving out Shadowsong (which is not useful vs. spellcasters) Experiment to find the fastest combination of spirits for each opponent.
  • Aggravate your opponent using Painful Bond.
  • Repeat the above procedure for all opponents leading up to Magni the Bison. Against Magni walk into the gateway and cast spirits, as before, then:


  • AoE (Scythes, Cynn).
  • Melonni if she gets her form up.
  • Razah can be difficult, as he uses the same spirit build (counter this by using a longbow so Razah's spirits cannot hit you).
  • Warmaster Tydus uses a longbow so your spirits sometimes cannot hit (position yourself in the corner to pull him closer).
  • Gwen will also spam Spiritual Pain to quickly destroy your spirits.

Cold as Ice


  • The glacial griffon spawns roughly in the center of the ring of dead wolves.
  • Before it arrives, spread your spirits around the estimated point the griffon will arrive at to get it bodyblocked.
  • As soon as it turns hostile, use Painful Bond on it.

Bear Club

Recommended skills
Shadowsong Shadowsong
Summon Spirits Summon Spirits


  • Set up your spirits before entering the ring.
  • Enter the ring. The bear is now hostile.
  • Teleport your spirits into the ring with Summon Spirits.
  • Hex the bear.
  • Maintain the hex and the spirits.
  • REMEMBER: you must be wielding the quest item (Bear club) when the bear dies or else you won't get credit for the kill!

Mano a Norno

Recommended skills
Shadowsong Shadowsong


  • Place your spirits in a line before your opponent turns hostile.
  • Hide behind your spirits until Knorr Oaken is humbled.

Service: Practice Dummy


  • Create your spirits and increase ther damage output with Painful Bond.
  • Alternatively, map travel back to the Eye of the North and the quest is automatically completed.

Insignia quest


  • Create your spirits before talking to your teacher. They will then quickly deal with any obstacles.
  • For the Snaring Course place the spirits in a line that blocks the gate behind Zho.

Tihark Orchard


  • Effortlessly dispatch Jejumba and "Palawa Joko" with your spirits.
  • Against the harpies you should shadow step the spirits into combat with Summon Spirits, mark targets with Painful Bond and then run away to avoid being targetted. Spirits and NPCs will take care of the harpies for you.


  • If you don't pay attention, you're going to get hit with Hamstring, which may allow the harpies to kill you. Therefore, run away from harpies and use spirits and NPCs for distraction.

Augury Rock


  • A running skill is recommended for the first part.
  • Once you enter the room with the Doppel, turn back and run west until you hit the edge of the room.
  • Set up your spirits and wait for the Doppel to come to you. Hex with Painful Bond.


  • Failing to run out of the range of enemy spirits.


Norn Fighting Tournament

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