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GvG split dervish based on vow of silence.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 40%.
In PvE, gain +10 armor rating while enchanted.
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Runes and insignia



  • Cast Vow of Piety. It will renew itself whenever one of your other enchantments ends.
  • Maintain Vow of Silence when fighting against casters.
    • When it runs out, you can renew Grenth's Aura and Mystic Regeneration (PvP) if necessary.
    • Note that due to the aftercast delay of mystic regeneration you're vulnerable to spells during that short period of time.
  • Ball pit NPCs and try to kill them.
    • If a defending monk runner tries to save all NPCs you're attacking, avoid actually killing the knights. If possible, get both archers and the bodyguard instead. The knights will die in no time when your main team dervish eventually pushes into the base or if you killed the bodyguard and ball the knights on the guild lord.


  • Removal of enchantments during the aftercast delay of Mystic Regeneration (PvP).
  • Knock down at the end of Vow of Silence, allowing a caster to kill or strongly pressure you.
  • Knock down chain of 6–9 seconds

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