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The fastest runner out there using Pious Haste and Dwarven Stability for a permanent 50% IMS.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 56%.
In PvE, gain +14 armor rating while enchanted.
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Variants Optional slot:

  • Dark Prison Dark Prison for faster runs and more tools to avoid getting stuck.
  • Shroud of Distress Shroud of Distress for Shadow Form synergy and extra sustain in general.
  • Shadow Sanctuary Shadow Sanctuary for the same reasons as Shroud of Distress. Can also replace Heart of Shadow.
  • Deadly Paradox Deadly Paradox to maintain permanent Shadow Form.

Other slots:

  • Conviction Conviction instead of Zealous Renewal for condition removal (keep in mind that this may be insufficient energy management if using Dark Prison Dark Prison ).


  • Full Radiant/Survivor/Sentry (Depending which is more necessary for an area).
  • Full Attunement/Vitae (Depending on which is more necessary for an area).

Defensive Set

  • Spear
    • "I Have the Power!" Inscription.
    • 20% longer Enchantments.
  • 16 Armor Shield.
    • -2 (while enchanted).
    • +45hp (while enchanted).

High Energy Set

  • Any staff with +10 energy and 20% halves skill recharge of spells.
    • Defensive, Hale, Swift, or Insightful Staff Head.
    • "Don't think twice", "Hale and Hearty" or "Seize the Day" Inscription.
    • Staff Wrapping of Enchanting (+20% useful for lengthening Shadow Form).


  • Maintain Dwarven Stability and Pious Haste (always activate Zealous Renewal right before Pious Haste for better mobility).
  • Use IAU as your anti-kd/cripple.
  • Shadow step whenever your steps are recharged.
  • Use Shadow Form right before aggroing/being struck by spells.
  • Heart of Shadow for healing and speed. Note: only use it on targets behind you, as this will make the skill teleport you forward.
  • Optionally, drink alcohol to prevent knockdowns all the time with Dwarven Stability.


  • Cripple if "I am Unstoppable!" is recharging (Avoid Pinesoul traps)
  • Rubberbanding/lag
  • Body blocking (Use shadowsteps to avoid)
  • Shadow Form ending with spell casting enemies around you. Avoid aggroing mobs with Hexes if shadow form is running out/recharging.


Droknar's Forge


Granite Citadel

Elona Reach

Sanctum Cay

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