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Blow up the Vaettir with the fastest time possible, even though you have to do two groups.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 64%.
In PvE, gain +16 armor rating while enchanted.
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  • Full Windwalker Insignia
    • Sentry's/Blessed can be used as a much cheaper alternative, but you will likely need to walk backwards when balling the vaettir to avoid taking too many automatic critical hits.
  • Rune of Superior Mysticism
  • Vaettir have 720 health and they inflict Deep Wound, so you will need at least 821 health (preferably a bit more if not using Windwalker). Fill the rest of your rune slots with a high enough Vigor and/or enough Vitae runes to get your health to reach this after all buffs are active. Higher norn rank will mean you can equip less/lower potency health runes.

Weapon Sets

  • Running/Balling set: One handed martial weapon with +20% Enchantment and a Shield with +10 AL vs. Earth inscription (not inherent mod)
  • Any Scythe
    • You can include Fortitude mods on these weapon sets, but make sure to put them on both the scythe and the shield if you do.


None are necessary, but the following may be worth using:

  • Morale boosters will give you more health that will be maintained through rezoning, and are also useful if you die.
  • Alcohol will boost Drunken Master, making the round-ups faster.
  • If you're going to be farming for an extended period of time, bringing Mercantile Summoning Stones could be useful for inventory management (as you don't enter outposts when restarting the run and there are no merchants nearby).


  • Display your Norn Title and run to Jaga Moraine from Longeye's Ledge.
  • Cast Eternal Aura upon entering the area. Get the bounty if you want some norn points.
  • You will need to farm the two groups separately, as you cannot get them to stay away from their spawn without spell prevention. Start with the southern group.
  • Before aggroing a group, start maintaining Intimidating Aura, Great Dwarf Armor and Mystic Regeneration. Recast as needed.

Mark of Pain Variant

  • Cast Drunken Master.
  • Cast Mark of Pain on one of the Vaettir and round up the group. Make sure they are bunched together rather than spread around you.
  • Once everything is balled and MoP is almost recharged, cast Vow of Strength and then Mystic Regeneration (so that you will not strip VoS with Eremite's Attack).
  • Recast Mark of Pain on a different Vaettir once it recharges. You will have about 8 seconds left to spike the group (assuming you did not reduce MoP's recharge in any way).
    • If the vaettir bodyblocked you in a way that they surround you, place the 2nd MoP about a quarter of the way around the circle from the 1st MoP. This should allow you to still kill the most/all of the group (possibly missing the two MoP'd vaettir if you didn't have at least 21 gathered).
  • Switch to your Scythe, wait for Clumsiness to wear off, and then use Eremite's Attack.
  • Pick up your drops and repeat for the other group. If you have a straggler due to the first MoP wearing off before the spike, just ignore it.
  • Rezone and repeat the farm.

Soul Taker Variant

  • Round up the group. Make sure they are bunched together rather than spread around you.
  • Target one of the Vaettir.
  • Once everything is balled, cast Dark Aura then Mystic Vigor and Mystic Regeneration, in that order.
    • If using Enchanted Haste, cast Dark Aura then Mystic Regeneration and Enchanted Haste, in that order.
  • When you see a new Clumsiness hex appearing on your bar, wait ~1 second, cast Soul Taker, then switch to your scythe.
  • As soon as you see Clumsiness about to disappear, with the icon rapidly blinking, cast Eremite's Attack so it hits while you're free of the hex.
  • Pick up your drops and repeat for the other group.
  • Rezone and repeat the farm.


  • Allowing health to fall below 721.
  • Bodyblock before a critical mass of vaettir is reached.
  • Attacking with Clumsiness still up.
  • Stripping the wrong enchantment with Eremite's Attack.




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