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Using Avatar of Lyssa to halve the recharge of Balthazar's Rage to create a build with similar DPS[1][2], AoE burning and deep wounding capability as a meta Balthazar Dervish but with better survivability and more cripple.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of Dervish enchantments is reduced by 48%.
In PvE, gain +12 armor rating while enchanted.
Template code



  • Sup Vigor
  • Windwalker Insignia or Blessed.
  • Usual shield sets.
  • Usual weapon sets e.g. vampiric scythe, zealous scythe (normally not necessary), crippling spear, crippling bow.
  • Staff of Enchanting for casting enchants you want to last longer e.g. Fleeting Stability when running


  • Keep Avatar up
  • Try to always remove Balthazar's Rage with Wearying Strike for the adrenaline gain.
  • Cover important enchantments with Balthazar's Rage.
  • Use Harrier's Grasp for condition removal and snaring.
  • Use Fleeting Stability to move faster and/or to prevent knockdown.
  • Use Mirage Cloak after deep wound is applied to try to trigger death quickly especially if target is low in health.
  • Use Shield of Force to knockdown dervishes while linebacking or attackers if running flag.
  • If there's an Ele camping you with Blinding Flash, try to reserve Harrier's Grasp to use it immediately after getting blinded.
  • If you want to keep Heart of Fury up you have to wait till Heart of Fury is at least about 87.5% recharged before removing Balthazar's Rage with Wearying Strike, but this means a slower burning+deep wound cycle.


  • Usual anti-melee/dervish

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