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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

An updated variant of the old Shadow Form-based build. It still uses high damage PBAoE spells, with the added damage bonus from the Lightbringer title, to farm caster-only groups in Ravenheart Gloom in normal mode for Torment Gemstones.

Attributes and Skills

Your maximum Energy is raised by 30.
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  • You must have at least 100 Energy for the build to work properly.
  • Armor
    • Radiant Armor with Attunement Runes.
  • Weapons
    • A random staff with +20% enchant mod. This will be the weapon you will be holding while running.
    • Any single handed weapon with +5 energy and +20% enchantment duration extension. Rajazan's Fervor or the Totem Axe are ideal.
    • A focus with a "Live for Today" inscription (+15 energy, -1 energy degeneration). Chung's Focus is ideal.


Your path.
  • Make sure to show your Lightbringer rank. (Requires rank 7 to 8.)
  • Enter Ravenheart Gloom from the Gate of Anguish with your Lightbringer title on. Receive the bounty from the Whispers Informant.
  • Wait before the first wave of foes engages the defending Order of Whispers.
  • While the battle is raging, cast Obsidian Flesh, and then use Death's Charge on an attacking enemy (Spirit Tormentor preferably), and move forward. You should be near a cliff.
  • To your left, there is a group composed of various spellcasters. This is your first target.
  • Get closer to the mixed group. Wait for combat between the Shadow Army and the Order of Whispers ends.
  • You must have 100 energy and be at full health before engaging. When you do, cast Elemental Lord, then Glyph of Elemental Power.
  • Switch to your max energy weapons set, then cast Obsidian Flesh and get into the middle (targeting the center enemy) of the enemy group with Death's Charge.
  • Now cast all of your AoE spells from left to right, beginning with Meteor Shower (5-6-7-8).
  • You should now be moving northeast, at the foot of the aforementioned cliff, avoiding the group of Tormentors near the pillar made of eyes.
  • Keep walking until you see the group made of six Curse of Darkness.
  • Repeat the same tactic. This group is easier, as they will ball themselves around you.


  • The first mob being too spread out.
  • Call to the Torment being triggered by the Order of Whispers. Extremely rare.


  • A complete run takes about 3 minutes.

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