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This build is used for running the mission Imperial Sanctum in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode. The build uses the celestial skill Celestial Storm for damage, earth magic skills for defense and a Warrior henchman to recharge those skills by getting banished and then killing the Shiro'ken Warrior to recharge Celestial Storm.


Attributes and Skills

Your maximum Energy is raised by 39.
Template code

Optional Optional
  • Drunken Master Drunken Master - Use before receiving Celestial Storm
  • Storm Djinn's Haste Storm Djinn's Haste - Use before receiving Celestial Storm


  • Full Blessed or Survivor Insignias
  • 40/40 Earth Magic set
  • Defensive set


  • Put Lukas into your party. You want him to get banished so that the Shiro'ken Warrior spawns. Sliver Armor and Celestial Storm will kill the warrior and recharge Celestial Storm.
  • Grab Celestial Storm from Kuunavang and put it in the empty slot.
  • Walk through the gate and trigger the cutscene. If running people, indicate where they should stand (usually at either of the two towers).
  • Stand just outside of aggro range and cast Armor of Earth → Ward Against Melee → Mental Block → Arcane Echo → Echo and then get aggro.
  • When he banishes Lukas and a Shiro'ken Warrior spawns, cast Celestial Storm → Echo → Celestial Storm → Celestial Storm → Ebon Battle Standard of Honor → Sliver Armor
  • After killing the Shiro'ken Warrior, cast all of your Celestial Storms and renew Ward Against Melee and Armor of Earth.
  • Shiro may not die if Mhenlo or another player aggros him or he just doesn't want to stay in Celestial Storm. In this case, resign and try again.


  • Mhenlo getting aggro.
  • One of the people you are running interfering.
  • In Hard Mode, the Bound Warriors will sometimes run out of the Celestial Storm area of effect too soon.
  • Henchman getting killed before banishment



  • AI will prioritize following players in motion over stationary players. Players being run can pull Mhenlo away to avoid aggroing Shiro or the Warrior construct this way.

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