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This build has received an overall rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

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Uses the Air Magic attribute line to provide high damage in a small area. The low cooldowns and 25% Armor Penetration combined with cracked armour compensate for the lower amount of targets hit, making this build type a strong option for elementalist heroes. The air magic skill choice varies depending on whether the build is centered around Blinding Surge, Thunderclap, Lightning Surge or Invoke Lightning. Some skill slots remain for utility skills. Blood is power support is recommended.

Attributes and Skills

Variant: E/P Thunderclap Hero
Your maximum Energy is raised by 30.
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You can drop Aura of Restoration if no cover enchantments for Air Attunement are necessary.
Replace secondary profession or non-attribute skills for other utility skills if the team setup benefits from this.
If making extensive use of utility skills, drop energy storage to 8+1, raise <utility attribute> to 10.
  • Energy Management
    • Glyph of Lesser Energy Glyph of Lesser Energy – if facing energy denial or frequent enchantment removal. Slightly reduces blood is power dependency.
  • Damage Skill Variants
    • Teinai's Wind Teinai's Wind – for damage and interruption if burning is provided by the team.
    • Arc Lightning Arc Lightning – for more AoE damage.
  • Offensive Utility
    • Power Spike Power Spike
    • Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration
    • Shatter Hex Shatter Hex - if you need more hex removal.
    • Shatter Enchantment Shatter Enchantment - if you need enchantment removal.
  • Defensive Utility
    • "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!" – improved team survivability.
    • "Never Surrender!" "Never Surrender!" – another defensive shout, only bring this if you already have "Stand Your Ground!" in the team.
    • "Find Their Weakness!" "Find Their Weakness!" – source of deep wound if your team has a character with a physical weapon other than bow.
    • "We Shall Return!" "We Shall Return!" – area resurrection.
    • Aegis Aegis - for a party-wide block
    • Protective Spirit Protective Spirit - for damage reduction
    • Shield of Absorption Shield of Absorption - for damage reduction
    • Death Pact Signet Death Pact Signet - additional resurrection.
    • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh - additional resurrection.


  • Superior Vigor Rune (the best one you can afford)
  • 2x Rune of Vitae
  • 5x Blessed Insignia
  • 40/40 Air set.


  • AI mode by preference.
    • Set the hero to Fight Fight mode.
    • Set the hero to Guard Guard mode.


  • Standard anti-caster.
  • Enchantment removal.
  • Particularly high armour ratings.

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