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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Farm the Smite Crawlers and the Skeletons of Dhuum of the Underworld's Ice Wastes. Use a team of heroes to get passed the Labyrinth's chamber, and use a very fast spike sequence to kill smites (in large groups). A very fast option for farming Globs of Ectoplasm.

Attributes and Skills

Your maximum Energy is raised by 30.
Template code


  • Armor
    • Survivor insignias - insignias doesn't matter that much though, but extra HP can help with Skeletons.
  • Weapons
    • 20% enchanting +30 hp set
    • 40/40 fire set (for Skeletons of Dhuum)
    • Longbow (for pulling)


  • Chamber
    • Flag heroes back.
    • Take the quest "Clear the Chamber" from the Lost Soul.
    • Micro your ST Rit's spirits.
    • Aggro the Bladeds and the Graspings on the left, while heroes are flagged back.
    • Don't use your AoE damage skills!, they will only cause scatter and interfere with your hero's damage skills. You should just be a tank.
    • Once balled, let heroes loose.
    • Now, go to the right, and repeat this tactic.
    • Make your way to the wastes, keep using this balling tactic. Micro Protective Spirit/Spirit bond to help aggro.
  • Wastes
    • Once at the entrance, flag heroes to stay in the labyrinth so that they are out of range.
    • Clear all the Smite Crawlers. Can take on very large groups since Stoneflesh Aura will reduce all damage to zero.
    • Kill Skeleton of Dhuum which are in the way, or kill them all if you so choose (killing smites is generally much faster/more profitable).
    • For Smites, maintain Elemental Attunement, Elemental Lord, and Stoneflesh Aura. Ball the smite crawlers up, and cast Lava Font -> Meteor -> Flame Djinn's Haste -> Lava Font. If a Smite Crawler is still alive, cast Immolate on it. If there are any remaining stragglers, you should be able to finish them off with more Lava Fonts and Immolates.
    • When engaging with Skeletons, try to hide behind a wall to avoid their projectiles. If this is not possible, you can also take them on directly, but you must maintain Aura of Restoration, along with your other enchantments (including Stoneflesh Aura), and spam Immolate, Lava Font, and Flame Djinn's Haste. Lava Font and Flame Djinn's haste are spammed for the healing, not for the damage. Getting in close range to Skeletons usually just causes them to move away, so it will throw things off and increase your chance of aggroing unwanted patrols or popping Dying Nightmares.
    • Use Immolate to kill Dying Nightmares.

Recommended team setup

  • Generally, you should use a standard BiP/Soul Twisting/Mesmer/Signet of Spirits type of setup, but with some modifications.
  • Recommended modifications:
    • Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond, Shield of Absorption
    • Modified damage elites and skills which can more efficiently take down very high HP Bladed Aatxes.
    • Instead of Energy Surge, use multiple Illusion Magic mesmers, and use other attack punishment hexes.
    • No minions (enemies do not leave corpses).
  • Example team:
Ineptitude Wandering Eye Clumsiness Accumulated Pain Waste Not, Want Not Optional Optional "Fall Back!"
Ineptitude Wandering Eye Clumsiness Accumulated Pain Waste Not, Want Not Optional Optional Flesh of My Flesh
Spiteful Spirit Insidious Parasite Enfeebling Blood Reckless Haste Awaken the Blood Signet of Lost Souls Optional Flesh of My Flesh
Signet of Spirits Bloodsong Ancestors' Rage Signet of Lost Souls Protective Was Kaolai Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Flesh of My Flesh
Blood is Power Blood Bond Signet of Lost Souls Life Protective Was Kaolai Mend Body and Soul Spirit Light Spirit Transfer
Discord Putrid Bile Rising Bile Masochism Signet of Lost Souls Protective Spirit Spirit Bond Shield of Absorption
Soul Twisting Shelter Displacement Union Armor of Unfeeling Boon of Creation Signet of Creation "Fall Back!"


Explanatory tutorial

  • Note, this wasn't a perfectly clean run, but demonstrates and explains overall tactics and how to recover from less-than-ideal situations.

Clean/fast run

  • This was a fast run (just over 12 minutes). It used Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support instead of Aura of Restoration, but this can be ignored. Skeletons were avoided as much as possible in this run.

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