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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build is designed for massive AoE damage through the use of Elementalist Fire Magic skills. The extremely high DPS is devastating over a short period of time to clumped targets.


Infrequently seen in HA in balanced builds, and for capping shrines in AB.

Attributes and Skills[]

12 + 1 + 1
Your maximum Energy is raised by 39.
Template code

Optional Elementalist / None

  • Ward Against Foes Ward Against Foes / Grasping Earth Grasping Earth
  • Teinai's Heat Teinai's Heat and Earthen Shackles Earthen Shackles

Elementalist / Ritualist

  • Weapon of Warding (PvP) Weapon of Warding (PvP) / Resilient Weapon Resilient Weapon with
  • Flesh of My Flesh (PvP) Flesh of My Flesh (PvP) / Death Pact Signet (PvP) Death Pact Signet (PvP) (use with the above).

Elementalist / Paragon

  • "Make Haste!" "Make Haste!" / Song of Concentration Song of Concentration (if not running it on a frontliner)

For AB

  • "Fall Back!" (PvP) "Fall Back!" (PvP) and Aura of Restoration (PvP) Aura of Restoration (PvP) to cover Fire Attunement.

For JQ

  • Dash Dash and Aura of Restoration (PvP) Aura of Restoration (PvP) to cover Fire Attunement.


PvTemplate Survivor Insignia, 40/40 Fire Set: Pk5RjMz6TzfMvKSF0MFpnm0MFZYpScF5H6zMFZYd0MFpHA
40/20/20% Enchantments Fire Staff: PkZgmu8qleK
High Energy Fire Set: PkpQjMzKUzfMvqRB
  • Defensive Sets. (Shield with +10AR vs "x"Damage, +30hp and a Spear +5 Energy, +30hp)



  • Targets fleeing the AoE before the bulk of the damage can be dealt.
  • Standard caster counters like Dazed, Interrupts, Diversion.