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This build has been designed for the following use:

A Mesmer build using Illusionary Weaponry and a Scythe to reliably farm the Smite Crawlers of the Underworld. The whole run can be done either solo or with a team of heroes assisting you in clearing the Labyrinth's chamber. The variant with heroes allows you to kill the Skeletons of Dhuum while playing solo lets you keep the entirety of the gold coins drops (~1k per run).

Attributes and Skills

You activate Spells and Signets 9% faster. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with a cast time less than 2 seconds.)
In PvE, the recharge time of your Mesmer Spells is reduced by 6%.
Template code

  • Optional Optional :

If playing without heroes :

  • Mantra of Resolve Mantra of Resolve

If using heroes to clear the chamber :

  • Summon Ruby Djinn Summon Ruby Djinn - This summon will allow you to kill the Skeletons of Dhuum in an 1v1 situation. Let the summon tank the Skeleton once you get under 50% hp.
  • Ether Feast Ether Feast - This spell also allows you to 1v1 the skeletons, but is riskier than Summon Ruby Djinn.



  • Standard armor set with full Stalwart Insignias, 2 runes of Vitae and the highest Vigor rune possible.


  • A Scythe with a +5 energy mod and a Shelter or a Fortitude mod. No Zealous/Vampiric mods.
  • A one-handed weapon with a Fortitude mod and a shield with a +10 vs Slashing inscription and a Fortitude mod (Keht's Aegis is perfect for this). This will be the set you'll use during the run.


Grasping Darknesses (only if playing without heroes)

The Run (only if playing without heroes)

  • Switch to your one-handed weapon/shield set.
  • Watch the eastern chamber. Time your run carefully so you don't aggro the patrol with Grasping Darknesses and a Dying Nightmare nor the wandering eastern chamber Skeleton of Dhuum. The other patrol (two Aatxes going left and right) must be engaged in the open to reduce any risk of bodyblocking.

    Graspings following you during the run will always lose aggro when entering the red circle.

  • Cast Dwarven Stability, then begin running. Cast Dark Escape when aggroing the first enemies. After passing through the gate, you'll need to run to the wall in front of you (see the zone marked red on the image on the right) to de-aggro all the Grasping Darknesses following you (the ones from the first chamber).
  • It doesn't matter if Dying Nightmares strip you of Dwarven Stability during the run.
    • If things go completely south (rubberbanding), cast Mantra of Resolve then Shroud of Distress to survive the Grasping Darknesses' attacks.
  • Wait a little bit, cast Dwarven Stability again then run to the Ice Wastes with Dark Escape (again, do not aggro the patrol of Grasping Darknesses+Dying Nightmare). Run past the first Skeleton of Dhuum.

Skeletons of Dhuum (only if using the variant with heroes)

  • Before engaging a skeleton, check for problematic patrols which could disturb you. If everything is all clear, proceed.
  • Cast Shroud of Distress, Summon Ruby Djinn, Dwarven Stability, Dark Escape and Illusionary Weaponry, then rush at the skeleton.
  • Keep hitting the skeleton until you see Shroud of Distress activating. Run back until the skeleton engages the summon (you'll regain some health in the process). When it does, autoattack him again. The skeleton should now be dead.
  • Always stay out of Bone Spike/Flurry of Splinters lethal range (~150 HP). The Djinn is sturdy and does a fair amount of damage, with correct health management you should have no difficulty taking down the skeletons.

Smite Crawlers

  • Always aggro the Smite Crawlers one group at a time. You can't tank more than five of them.
  • Aggro the first group of Smite Crawlers. Cast Shroud of Distress, Channeling, Illusionary Weaponry, Dwarven Stability, Dark Escape. Cast Sympathetic Visage when the first Smite Crawler is on you, then begin autoattacking. Now cycle between your Visages, renew your enchantments and Dwarven Stability -> Dark Escape as soon as possible, autoattack the Smites to death.
  • They should quickly die. Repeat the same procedure for every Smite Crawler group in the Ice Wastes.
  • Use Illusionary Weaponry followed by two/three autoattacks against Dying Nightmares (let them rip one of your enchantments first).


  • Feel free to study the little patrol map on the "Usage" section to familiarize yourself with the Ice Wastes.
  • For this to work safely and reliably, having the exact armor and equipment recommended is mandatory.
  • You can't kill the Skeletons of Dhuum when playing without heroes. Always keep an eye on them, especially in the Wastes.
  • Never aggro Coldfire Nights. Learning their patrols is a key part of Smite Crawler farming.
  • Using your own continental server helps against rubberbanding.
  • Illusionary Weaponry won't trigger the Smite Crawlers' Shield of Judgment nor will it cancel Dark Escape.

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