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This build farms Bezzr Wingstorm in Normal Mode to obtain the wand Wingstorm, which can be used as part of a 40/40 set for gearing up Mesmer heroes used in all Meta hero teams (or yourself, if needed).

A speed boost hero is strongly recommended to make sure you can continue runs successfully even with bad spawns.

Attributes and skills

You activate Spells and Signets 25% faster. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with a cast time less than 2 seconds.)
In PvE, the recharge time of your Mesmer Spells is reduced by 18%.
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  • Cry of Pain Cry of Pain should be used with Sunspear rank 5 or higher for maximum damage.



  • Any max staff works.
    • For best results, use a 40/40 Domination Magic set.
    • Can use a high health shield set for running past the first group or to pick up drops if you want, but not required.


  • Can use a Major Domination rune, as well as a Major Illusion rune, if the Superior runes are too expensive, though Superior runes are preferred.
  • At least a Radiant insignia on chest and legs.


Running to Bezzr

  • Start in the Eternal Grove and exit into Drazach Thicket.
  • Once in Drazach Thicket, use Hex Breaker Hex Breaker and start running towards Bezzr until you get to the corner in front of the first spawn of enemies.
    • If using a shout hero, have them use "Fall Back!" "Fall Back!" and "Incoming!" "Incoming!" if you have them, until you get to the corner.
  • Cast Holy Veil Holy Veil on yourself before aggroing.
    • If using a shout hero, have them cast Enduring Harmony Enduring Harmony before aggroing. Then have them use "Make Haste!" "Make Haste!" on you, and any other shouts that are off cooldown, before flagging them back behind you so they are out of compass range of the boss.
  • Try to sneak past the first group standing between you and Bezzr by keeping to the wall in the southeast. You can also use the northwest side depending on how the spawned enemies move and where they group up, just be sure you do not run too close to Bezzr while doing so.
    • If you did not bring a shout hero, you will need to reset if the spawn is bad (see Counters), as the foes will not break aggro unless you have a movement speed buff. If you did, keep running past them while under the effects of "Make Haste!", toward the rocks northeast of Bezzr, until all foes break aggro.
  • Be very careful of where you stand, as any wrong positioning will aggro Bezzr early, or spawn many foes around you.
    • You want to stand in cast range, not aggro range, on the bright green hill. See the video for the specific location. If you are not in cast range and begin casting, running to him to cast will cause popups. If you enter aggro range, this will also cause popups.
    • It is speculated that he will only aggro early if you have recently been in combat with the first spawn group before Bezzr.

Defeating Bezzr

  • If you lost your Hex Breaker Hex Breaker from the group before, make sure to recast it and wait for it to be off cooldown before engaging.
  • Cast Migraine Migraine and Frustration Frustration .
    • Bezzr will cast one hex and trigger Hex Breaker Hex Breaker . Renew the stance once it is triggered.
  • Interrupt Bezzr's skills going down the skill bar until it is dead. Your second Hex Breaker Hex Breaker should trigger after all your interrupts are on cooldown. You will typically be affected by one hex after this, before your final interrupt can defeat Bezzr.
    • It will take one cast of every interrupt, two triggers of Hex Breaker Hex Breaker , plus an extra Power Spike Power Spike to finish him off, assuming Bezzr does not get healed.
    • You sometimes might need to strafe Bezzr's auto-attacks. This is speculated to happen if you interrupt all his skills too quickly after each other.
    • After Bezzr is dead, you can manually cancel Holy Veil Holy Veil to remove any dangerous hex on yourself (and recast it to remove more if needed).
  • Grab any loot.
    • This will spawn multiple foes, so be fast.
    • Alternatively, you can bring a full party of heroes and flag them at the entrance of Drazach Thicket (out of compass range so they do not impact the drop rate). This ensures that you are able to collect your loot in all circumstances by flagging them through the portal and teleporting them to you if you died.


  • Bad first group spawn. A bad spawn is any group that does not group up in a position where you can sneak past them, but especially any group containing Dragon Moss due to their damaging and slowing spells. Be mindful of the attacks by Disenchantment Disenchantment from Skill Hungry Gaki.
    • This can be fixed by bringing the shout hero since the extra movement speed will let you break aggro before you take too much damage.
  • Missing interrupts.
    • With optimal gear, you can typically kill Bezzr even if he heals once with Ether Feast Ether Feast . However, letting two hexes through will allow Accumulated Pain Accumulated Pain to one-shot you.
  • Triggering extra spawns or aggroing early due to bad positioning.
  • The boss can sometimes be fighting another group when you load into the map.
    • You can sometimes position yourself safely and defeat the boss even if this happens, especially if Bezzr is fighting a group of only Undergrowths.
  • A group to the west of the boss can sometimes spawn with a Mantis Mender, and will then rarely patrol close and heal him.
    • With optimal weapons and armor, you should still be able to kill him even with this.

Shout Hero

Variant: Me/Mo Bezzr Wingstorm Farmer Optional Shout Hero
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  • Disable all skills.
  • Can bring "Fall Back!" "Fall Back!" and/or "Incoming!" "Incoming!" to speed up the initial running.

Exemplary Videos

Normal mode