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This player build is designed to improve the performance of weapon based characters (and partially minions and pets) in the team, primarily by means of applying Order of Pain, Mark of Pain and Great Dwarf Weapon. Fast Casting alleviates the long casting time of order of pain and Barbs while Lyssa's Aura serves as a convenient form of energy management. In teams that feature blood is power one can switch the elite skill to psychic instability for effective shutdown and an increased usefulness of mark of pain.

Attributes and Skills

You activate Spells and Signets 28% faster. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with a cast time less than 2 seconds.)
In PvE, the recharge time of your Mesmer Spells is reduced by 21%.
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Optional Optional slots for:

  • PvE-Skills
  • Great Dwarf Weapon Great Dwarf Weapon for physical support (bring Channeling)
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor for additional damage buffing. However, positioning this for melee may expose this build to greater disruption.
  • Tryptophan Signet Tryptophan Signet for snare and physical shutdown. Can help against MoP's tendency to cause scatter.
  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support for extra physical damage procs.
  • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood for better protection against melee.
  • Weaken Armor Weaken Armor to decrease targets' AL.
  • Strip Enchantment Strip Enchantment for disenchantment.
  • Mark of Fury Mark of Fury for additional adrenaline and cracked armor
  • Jaundiced Gaze Jaundiced Gaze useful with Orders skills.
  • Blood Ritual Blood Ritual for bar compression on your heroes and general battery support.
  • Awaken the Blood Awaken the Blood to enhance your other skills.
  • Channeling Channeling If you're having energy issues. Requires proximity to enemies which may be unfavorable while keeping up orders.
  • Drain Enchantment Drain Enchantment For energy management, stripping key enchants and counteracting sacrifice costs.


  • Blessed Insignias
  • 40%/20% Blood Magic staff (such as Droknar's Blood Staff) is best but a 40/40 Curses or Blood Magic set will suffice.
  • Defensive set with +20% longer enchantments
  • Defensive set with +30hp martial weapon (spear) and shield
  • If you wish you can bring a Superior Inspiration Magic Rune to raise your other attributes while reaching 11 for Lyssa's Aura.


  • Cast Lyssa's Aura before battle.
  • Use Mark of Pain on a target stancing centrally in balling characters and call the target.
  • Improve your team's general attack damage by maintaining Order of Pain.
  • Help cutting down priority targets by hexing it with Barbs.
  • Blood bond is a useful hex to heal your allies and to cover your damage hexes.
  • Remember to target an enemy with a spell in time before Lyssa's Aura runs out.


  • General anti-caster.
  • Hex Removal.
  • Heavy enchantment removal, especially Mirror of Disenchantment.

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