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This build uses Keystone Signet and a high Fast Casting attribute together with the AI's reaction times and powerful Domination Magic spells to provide a good mix of shutdown and damage while staying self-sufficient on energy.

Attributes and Skills

You activate Spells and Signets 53% faster. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with a cast time less than 2 seconds.)
In PvE, the recharge time of your Mesmer Spells is reduced by 48%.
Template code

Variable skill slot 1:

  • Signet of Weariness Signet of Weariness – for general use.
  • Hex Eater Signet Hex Eater Signet – for hex removal in ranged-only teams (lower Illusion Magic to 2; put 2 in Inspiration Magic).

Variable skill slot 2:

  • Mistrust Mistrust – for general use.
  • Shatter Hex Shatter Hex – for hex removal with melee party members.
  • Empathy Empathy – if the rest of the team lacks hexes to trigger the conditions for your signets.
  • Death Pact Signet Death Pact Signet – for a resurrection skill; synergizes with the chosen insignias (lower Illusion Magic to 2; put 2 in Restoration Magic).
  • Flesh of My Flesh Flesh of My Flesh – for a resurrection skill; brings target back with less health and energy than Death Pact Signet, but without a condition (lower Illusion Magic to 2; put 2 in Restoration Magic).
  • Resurrection Chant Resurrection Chant – for a resurrection skill; can bring back targets at full health, but with no energy and at half-range. (lower Illusion Magic to 2; put 2 in Healing Prayers).
  • Signet of Return Signet of Return – for a resurrection skill; synergizes with the chosen insignias, but risks bringing back a target at very low health and with no energy.




  • This hero provides more shutdown than an Energy Surge mesmer hero and has a higher, unconditional armor level thanks to the insignias, but at the cost of lower damage and reduced area of effect.
  • This build synergizes especially well with a Frustration mesmer.

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