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This build has been designed for the following use:

Flux.jpg This build is only viable during the Flux: Meek Shall Inherit.
See the build's talk page for discussion and ramifications not noted here.  

Domination mesmer for the Meek Shall Inherit flux.

Attributes and Skills

You activate Spells and Signets 43% faster. (No effect for non-Mesmer skills with a cast time less than 2 seconds.)
In PvE, the recharge time of your Mesmer Spells is reduced by 36%.
Template code

Variable skill slot 1

  • Power Leak Power Leak – increased pressure by energy devastation.
  • Power Spike Power Spike – increased pressure by damage.

Variable skill slot 2

  • Shame Shame – for safer spikes.
  • Empathy (PvP) Empathy (PvP) – for additional pressure. Cover with Mind Wrack (PvP).

Variable skill slot 3

  • Death Pact Signet (PvP) Death Pact Signet (PvP)
  • Dash Dash


  • Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration over Complicate on one mesmer in dual mesmer setups.


Runes and insignias


  • 40/40 domination magic.
  • 40/40 inspiration magic.
  • High energy set domination magic.
  • Spear of defense, 10%hrt with
    • Strength shield of fortitude, -20% cripple duration.
    • Strength shields of fortitude, +10 armor against each damage type.


  • Complicate Apply Poison, Resurrection Signet and Death Pact Signet (PvP).
  • Remove Spirit Bond (PvP) on spikes with Shatter Enchantment.
  • Join spikes with Energy Burn.
  • Spread Mind Wrack (PvP) on the opposing backline and frenzy warriors.
    • You can use it for more devastating spikes.
    • It allows to one-shot frenzy warriors.
    • Monks will frequently switch into their casting set and back to their shield set, triggering mind wrack frequently.
  • Remove Guardian from targets under attack by your frontline with Drain Enchantment.


  • Teams without casters, as you can't lineback if necessary.

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