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This build is intended for farming of Spectral Vaettirs. It relies on the 55 concept along with Shadow Form's inherent 5 damage reduction to survive and uses area of effect skills to kill all Vaettirs simultaneously.

Attributes and Skills

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  • Dark Escape Dark Escape : Can speed up gathering the vaettir. Also good for the run to the farm.
  • Heart of Shadow Heart of Shadow : Escape bodyblocks.
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom : Gives a good chance of HSR to your damage spells.
  • Healing Breeze Healing Breeze : For farming areas with degen.

Additional Damage Skills (none of these are sufficient to kill the vaettir in a single chain, these are best used for other farms):

  • Snow Storm Snow Storm (Most damage, tricky to keep agro)
  • Radiation Field Radiation Field (Vaettirs cannot be diseased)
  • Alkar's Alchemical Acid Alkar's Alchemical Acid
  • Technobabble Technobabble
  • Zealot's Fire Zealot's Fire


  • Each armor piece must have a superior attribute Rune. This will lower your base Health to 105. (The only required types are protection and smiting, but 5 are necessary to hit 105 health.)
  • Any +5 energy/20% longer enchanting sword, axe, or spear.
  • The -50hp Grim Cesta from the Cities of Ascalon quest.


  • Upon spawning in Jaga Moraine cast Balthazar's Spirit.
  • Before aggroing, cast Protective Spirit, then Deadly Paradox, then Shadow From. Protective Spirit must be cast before Shadow Form in order for the build to take advantage of Shadow Form's 5 damage reduction. Repeat in the same order before Shadow Form ends.
  • Aggro each group of 4 Vaettir on either the North or South side. Once you have the aggro of each group you can stop, not having to worry about being body blocked.
    • If you aggro both North and South groups you will need to do a right wall block.
  • Wait for each Vaettir to start melee attacking, then cast Balthazar's Aura>Kirin's Wrath>Symbol of Wrath.
    • If you aggro only the North or South group they will not break aggro.
  • It will take casting of each damage spell twice to kill all Vaettir.
  • If Shadow From is close to recharging, wait to cast Balthazar's Aura, Kirin's Wrath, or Symbol of Wrath, as they each take two seconds to cast, and you have a very small window as soon as Shadow Form recharges to recast it.


  • Interrupts
  • Degen
  • Healing
  • Foe breaks aggro


  • Due to Shadow Form's output damage cap of 21, you would not benefit from having Smiting Prayers above 11, or other high damage spells.
  • If farming in an area where degen is present, bring Healing Breeze.
  • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor will not increase damage output.

Other Farmable Areas


55HP Variant

Full Health Variant

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