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Third backline for GvG. Features the best overall performance due to a reliable speed boost, strong targeted healing, decent party healing and protection power. Suited for 8v8 combat, skirmishes and solo split defense.


  • Used in most teams.

Healing Burst Runner

Your allies are healed for 35 Health whenever you cast Monk spells on them.
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  • Replace Spirit Bond (PvP) with Protective Spirit against spike builds or Shield of Absorption against pressure builds.
  • Replace Shield Guardian with Shielding Hands and Guardian with Mending Touch if anticipating a dedicated split build.


Runes and insignia




  • Assist the core backline at main team, using protection prayers preferably on prot and fuse.
  • Help your flag runner against pushes, remove crippled with Draw Conditions.
  • Defend against splits.
  • Assist your own split in dedicated split builds.


  • Heal with Healing Burst and Patient Spirit.
  • Catch spikes with Spirit Bond (PvP), especially against elementalist heavy teams.
    • In skirmishes, prefer to use it on allies and not yourself. You are better protected than your allied casters in range, allowing you to selfheal with healing skills (especially if playing Mending Touch), whereas spirit bond is the key in keeping allies alive.
  • Protect allies from martial attacks with Guardian.
    • Help your back- and midline against ranger interruptions.
    • If the opponent has a dervish and a warrior, prefer to use it against the warrior.
  • Remove hexes with Cure Hex. If there are no especially dangerous hexes like Lightning Surge use it as a healing skill.
  • Use Draw Conditions to remove crippled from flag runners and blind/weakness from physicals.


  • Scourge Enchantment Scourge Enchantment – triggered by enchantments, including Shield Guardian.
  • Scourge Healing Scourge Healing – triggered by healing, including Healing Burst's party healing effect.
  • Soul Bind Soul Bind – same as scourge healing.
  • General caster hate.