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Designed to farm various pre-searing Ascalon areas for dyes, Nick items, XP, gold, and event items. Fire Storm can be acquired by taking The Elementalist Experiment quest, but handing it in (which would forever make the character a secondary Ele) is not required to keep it (although it won't be possible to put points into Fire Magic, but that's fine).

The build displays level 9 attributes, as that's the maximmum one can reach by doing nothing but these farms and that level is more than sufficient to execute them perfectly.

Attributes and Skills

Template code


  • Retribution Retribution over Fire Storm Fire Storm - this is generally NOT recommended. If however your Monk can't take up an Ele secondary, Retribution will have to do. The farms will still be possible, but take a while longer and you'll have to wand a bit or use the imp.


  • A shield with at least 8 armor rating, preferably with extra HP. The Tall Shield from Unsettling Rumors is perfect.
  • The stacking item's attribute +1 helmet from Professor Yakkington with a Smiting Prayers +1 rune is optimal.
  • For some farms a ranged weapon is required for pulling.


  • A wand or caster sword of enchanting.
    • The Crystalline Long Sword is a popular choice. It's easy to come by, has decent base stats for a low level quest item, can be modded, and looks great.
  • Rune of Vitae and Blessed Insignias can help a lot especially in lower levels but are not required.
  • A shield with a "Sheltered by faith" mod (-2 physical damage while enchanted) is not necessary, but very convenient as on some farms you'd no longer need to use Shielding Hands at all. The damage reduction from this mod coupled with Aura of Restoration should provide enough mitigation.


Monk Mo/E

  • Maintain Aura of Restoration Aura of Restoration . This is a cheap and consistent trigger for various armor/weapon mods you may have, and also provides bonus healing akin to Divine Favor.
  • Maintain Healing Breeze Healing Breeze (HB) whenever your health is below ~90%.
  • Use Shielding Hands Shielding Hands if you are losing health at a faster rate than HB could recover.
  • Nuke mobs with Symbol of Wrath Symbol of Wrath -> Fire Storm Fire Storm .
  • Kill single mobs with Banish Banish and Bane Signet Bane Signet when necessary.

Elementalist E/Mo

  • Most of the usage matches the Monk version, there are only some minor differences.
  • Use Fire Storm Fire Storm -> Lightning Javelin Lightning Javelin for nuking and Flare Flare to kill single mobs.
  • Your sustain is worse than a Monk's, so you'll have to use your healing skills more.

Farm Spots

Bandits for Worn Belts in Lakeside County

Bandit route

Estimated time: 1 minute

  • Take the quests Bandit Raid and Protection Prayers, but never do the objectives and never hand them in.
  • Leave Ashford Abbey, follow the road then turn left at the caravan. Don't go straight through the fields as you may pull a wolf which can take aggro from bandits, making the run take longer.
  • Use Healing Breeze, aggro the mobs and hug the large rock. Wait for them to ball up then cast Shielding Hands -> Symbol of Wrath -> Fire Storm.
  • Pick up the loot, /resign, repeat.
  • Note: this is the most commonly farmed area south of the wall.

Skale for Skale Fins in Regent Valley (Northeast)

Skale route (NE)

Estimated time: 2-3 minutes

  • Leave from Fort Ranik and head West. Pull at least ~15 skales, maintain HB and use SH on CD.
  • Try to ball the mobs up on a pillar.
    • Note: pulling all the skales may take some time, and their combined damage quickly ramps up. Side-stepping their projectiles while Shielding Hands is not up can help a lot when it comes to managing your HP.
  • Nuke them as always.
  • If there are any leftover mobs and you have the Igneous summoning stone the imp can clear them up nicely.
  • Note: this farm is right in front of the cave entrance leading to Nick. If you do this farm every day on your way to Nick, you'll always have enough Skale Fins for gifts.

Skale for Skale Fins in Regent Valley (Southwest)

Skale route (SW)

Estimated time: 1 minute

  • Start from Foible's Fair, make your way through Wizard's Folly to the Regent Valley portal and enter.
  • Once there, pull at least 8 skales. Ball them up while running back towards the portal.
  • Nuke them, pick up the loot, take the portal to Wizard's Folly and then zone back to Regent Valley to start a new round.
  • Should you need a merchant, go to the fishing village in Wizard's Folly and look for Arnaud. Getting to him from the portal takes roughly 30 seconds.
  • Note: while this farm is faster than the other skale one, it's only worth it if you're going to do multiple runs as getting here can take up to 3 minutes without pulling any mobs. The farm itself is very close to the portal, so once you get there restarting it takes next to no time.

Ice Elementals for Icy Lodestones in Wizard's Folly

Ice elemental route

Estimated time: 2 minutes

  • Leave from Foible's Fair and follow the road southwest into a cave.
  • Pull all 8 Ice Elementals, and be sure to watch your HP as these do more damage than most other mobs. Keep distance while taking aggro as they have an AoE snare which they can use in melee range.
  • Nuke as usual.
  • Fire damage from the summoned imp can be extremely valuable yet again.
  • A Hidden Stash will often spawn in the cave, don't forget to open it for some free bonus loot.
  • Optional: repeating the quest Elementalist Experiment can be incorporated into this farm. If you only care about the trophies then don't bother, because the mobs spawned by this quest don't drop lodestones! However they do drop blues and event items.
    • The quest is simple: 3 waves of 4 elementals will spawn and aggro on you or the NPC. When you grab the quest start running east where you came from then stop by one of the stone pillars. Wait until all 3 waves spawn and ball on you then nuke.
    • After the quest is done DO NOT hand it in, proceed to the cave and finish the farm.
    • Once you've zoned back into an outpost abandon the quest. Pick it up again from Aziure to restart the waves. You have to choose the option "Teach me the Elementalist skills" in order to accept the quest, even if you've already had the skills on your bar.

Stone Elementals for Enchanted Lodestones in Green Hills County

Stone Elemental route

Estimated time: 2-3 minutes

  • Leave from The Barradin Estate and head west until you reach the mountain. Turn right and head north.
  • Often there are a few Aloe Seeds on the way, you may kill them with a wand or staff for a chance at Unnatural Seeds.
  • At spot 1 you'll find a lone Hulking Stone Elemental and 2 Stone Elemental groups nearby. Pull them all and ball them on one of the stone walls. Nuke as usual.
  • Keep going until you hit spot 2 in the cave, pull at least 4-5 Hulking ones and kill them.
    • There are some lesser elementals outside the cave that won't aggro unless you hit them. Just skip these, not worth your time.
  • Run out of the cave to the west, you should find 3-4 more Hulking Stone Elementals. That's spot 3. Killing them ends the run.
  • Note: a hidden stash usually spawns between spot 1 and 2, open it for extra loot.

Gargoyles for Gargoyle Skulls in the Catacombs

Gargoyle route

Estimated time: 1 minute

  • Start from the Barradin Estate.
  • Head northeast and enter the catacombs.
  • The gargoyles won't attack, so you'll have to pull them one by one. For this you should have a ranged weapon. A scepter or staff will do just fine.
  • Once you've aggro'd all 9 gargoyles go to the middle of the bridge to make them ball up. You can't go far enough to pull the 2 gargoyles on the other side of the bridge as the rest will break aggro.
  • Do not /resign after you're done, instead just walk out to Green Hills County where you came from and then zone back in to start over.

Restless Corpses for Skeletal Limbs in the Catacombs

Restless Corpse route

Estimated time: 1 minute

  • Enter the Catacombs from Ashford Abbey.
  • Turn left at the entrance, kill the first skeleton with Banish.
  • After that the path will split, turn right. Ball up the next 3 skeletons before the bridge and kill them with Symbol of Wrath.
  • Cross the bridge, kill the first skeleton with Banish and the second with Bane Signet.
  • Finally you'll enter a hall with 4 skeletons, go to the middle where you'll be within aggro range of them all. It's important to stand still once you're in position, otherwise the skeletons may break aggro! Apply SH, then nuke with SoW when they get to you.

Spiders for Spider Legs in Regent Valley

Spider route

Estimated time: 4 minutes

  • Enter Regent Valley from Fort Ranik. Head southwest and follow the linked route.
  • Most of the spiders are hidden at first and appear as you move closer.
  • Try to grab about 4-5 spiders at once, then ball them up and nuke.
  • Near the end of the run you'll go into what's probably a dried up riverbed. This is a long straight tunnel and the only part of the run where you can do a bigger pull.
  • It's possible to pull about 9-12 spiders in this final stretch. Just keep walking until you reach the last visible spider at the end of the tunnel, going near it should make another 2-3 drop down plus the ones you aggro on your way there. Killing them ends the run.
  • This run ends right at The bear hunters, which is the start of a minigame. You could participate if you're interested in farming alcohol, as the reward is 1 Hunter's Ale for each bear killed within the time limit. Using an Imp for this part is recommended.

Aloe for Unnatural Seeds in Green Hills County

Aloe route

Estimated time: ~6 minutes

  • Leave from The Barradin Estate.
  • This farm is strictly for farming Unnatural Seeds and is otherwise not very profitable.
  • None of the mobs you encounter are hostile, and most of your targets are lvl 0. Just simply follow the route and skip bandits.
    • There is one hostile mob in the area, a Bandit Blood Sworn inside a ruined building which you should avoid.
  • While Aloe Seeds die to one wand strike, Aloe Husks are more durable and require 1 cast of Banish Banish + a wand strike (in this order) or 1 cast of Flare Flare .
  • Open Hidden Stashes and pick Red Iris Flowers you may encounter.
  • Note: you could easily do this farm as a followup to the Hulking Stone Elemental farm after having exited the cave in the north. Doing this the other way around (seeds first and then the elementals) is not recommended as you won't be able to ball them properly when entering the cave from this side.

Red Iris Flowers in Lakeside County

Red Iris Flower route

Estimated time: <1 minute

  • Leave from Ashford Abbey and head south.
  • Hold Alt on your keyboard to make it easier to spot the flower.
  • A flower will always spawn on the road or the western border of the village not far from the outpost.
    • Another flower may also spawn in the opposite direction. On rare occasions this one is closer to the gate than the other, so always tak a look north before going south. If the northern flower is closer, pick it up and rezone (picking up both flowers in the same run is generally not worth it).
  • This does not require any specific build yet deserves a mention as Red Iris Flowers are one of the most sought-after items in Pre-Searing. Flowers can be used to purchase a headpiece with a rune slot, a 5 slot equipment pack, and Nick gifts.


  • Igneous Summoning Stone can be used to mop up remaining mobs or add some extra AoE, but never use it before the nuke phase or else the mobs might not ball up properly. Urban legend says the Imp lowers drop rates, but that has not been confirmed.
  • Always carry an identification kit! You'll get a lot of blue drops which can contain an "increased sale value" mod in the ~60-70g range which is a significant boost to your loot.

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