Build:Mo/W 105hp Halcyon Farmer

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This is a 105 build, based on 55, that is used to quickly farm the Luxon Assassins from the "Halcyon Job" quest for Jadeite Shards, old school gold items, gold rarity Runes (such as the Rune of Superior Vigor) and Insignias.

Attributes and Skills

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  • Balthazar's Spirit.jpg Balthazar's Spirit can be taken over Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Honor if you are new to maintaining the enchantments and are getting used to the timing. However, you'll need two casts of Whirlwind Attack.jpg Whirlwind Attack to kill everything.



  • Max AR armor with Runes for 55 setup. If you are unfamiliar with this term, information can be found here.
  • Full radiant insignias.
  • Max damage sword with +20% Sword Pommel of Enchantmenting mod and a +15% damage while enchanted mod such as the "Guided by Fate" inscription. Customizing the sword, giving it +20% damage, will also help.
  • A 20/20 protection prayers offhand.


NOTE: Shield of Absorption.jpg Shield of Absorption has a longer casting time than Shielding Hands.jpg Shielding Hands.

  • Move through the village to pop all the assassins at each Canthan. After the second Canthan, run towards the Temple until two more Luxon Assassin groups spawn. Quickly run back towards the third Canthan as some will start to break agro. Running back will keep everything in agro.
  • Once you have gathered all assassins, bring them to the top of the stairs of any one of the buildings (see video). Once at the top, start auto attacking any one of the close Assassins to build up adrenaline.
  • Cast Ebon Battle Standard of Honor.jpg Ebon Battle Standard of Honor, Hundred Blades.jpg Hundred Blades followed by Whirlwind Attack.jpg Whirlwind Attack to blow the entire mob up instantly. If your ebon rank is not high enough you might simply have to finish off remaining foes with your sword and the AoE damage from Hundred Blades.
    • If you took the Balthazar's Spirit variant, the first Whirlwind Attack.jpg Whirlwind Attack should already be charged by the time you get to the top of the stairs. Keep attacking a single target until Whirlwind Attack is charged up again and use Whirlwind Attack once more.
  • Repeat


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