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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

Monk build for organized player teams with too many backline players and for playing with heroes in an offensive role. Benefits especially well from support skills such as dark fury and mark of pain.

Attributes and Skills

Your allies are healed for 6 Health whenever you cast Monk spells on them.
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Variable skill slot

  • Defense
    • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" – counter knockdowns.
    • "Save Yourselves!" "Save Yourselves!" – if your team needs the defense.
  • Offense
    • "For Great Justice!" "For Great Justice!" – increased adrenaline gain; combines especially well with Dark Fury.
    • Judge's Insight Judge's Insight – largely increased weapon hit damage against undead.
    • Asuran Scan Asuran Scan – bypass blocking and missing effects.
    • Ebon Battle Standard of Honor Ebon Battle Standard of Honor – increased hundred blades damage.
  • Utility skills
    • Balthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit – maintain as a cover enchantment for Strength of Honor. Whenever you receive damage (any type, including 0 damage), you gain 20% of an adrenaline strike. As you take aggro as a melee character this skill will improve your adrenaline gain noticeably.
    • Ebon Escape Ebon Escape – to spike foes balled up by an ally.
    • Smite Condition Smite Condition – condition removal and damage.
    • Smite Hex Smite Hex – hex removal and damage.
    • Savage Slash Savage Slash – interruption.
    • Rebirth Rebirth – safe resurrection.
    • Vengeance Vengeance – potent resurrection.
    • "By Ural's Hammer!" "By Ural's Hammer!" – potent mass resurrection.



Weapon sets:

  • Use your sword for attacking.
  • Use your staff when you need to cast a non-attack energy skill but don't have the energy for it and to cast smiting prayer spells.
  • Switch to your shield set when you can't reach a foe to still gain adrenaline, when you're about to die or when you're idle.


  • Apply Strength of Honor on self and cover it with Balthazar's Spirit.
  • Maintain Drunken Master.
  • Activate Hundred Blades when you start hitting foes to increase your damage output. Do not use it at the start of the combat for no particular reason while not in range of foes.
    • The damage is dealt to targets adjacent to you, not the attacked foe. Therefore you should always try to position yourself between foes.
  • Use Whirlwind Attack when multiple foes are standing adjacent to you.
  • Use Sun and Moon Slash for dealing additional damage.
    • Under the effect of both "For Great Justice!" and Dark Fury you can use this attack skill non-stop.
  • Fuel attack skills with "To the Limit!" for sooner and more frequent attack skill usage.


  • General anti physical.
    • Note that some usual counter skills won't be used against you because of your primary profession.
  • General anti melee.
  • Frequent or deep enchantment removal.
  • Stance removal.


As you provide smiting prayers support yourself you can adjust your support hero. For example, the hero can provide protection prayers.

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