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This ubiquitous build uses monk spells with Unyielding Aura to provide a flexible healer.

Attributes and Skills

Your allies are healed for 45 Health whenever you cast Monk spells on them.
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Optional Optionals:

  • Selfless Spirit Selfless Spirit for energy management
  • Vigorous Spirit Vigorous Spirit for melee healing support.
  • Dismiss Condition Dismiss Condition or Draw Conditions Draw Conditions for condition removal
  • Protective Spirit Protective Spirit if high damage spikes are expected in the area (change attributes to 11-11-8 or 12-10-8 depending on importance of party heals).


  • Survivor's Insignias. Runes needed for stats above, and a rune of superior vigor.
  • Standard monk weapon sets. 20/20 set can decrease cast time of skills like Heal Party.
  • An extra Divine Favor headpiece with a Superior Divine Favor rune.


  • Maintain Unyielding Aura. Use your Superior Divine Favor headpiece to boost its effectiveness, and switch back to your Minor rune afterwards.
  • Use Dwayna's Kiss as a general heal, especially on allies with enchantments or hexes.
  • Use Patient Spirit when Dwayna's Kiss is recharging or when you know the ally will last 2 seconds before being healed.
  • Use Deny Hexes to remove hex stacks.
  • Use Seed of Life when one team member is taking lots of damage packets, especially useful during initial agro.


  • Standard anti-caster, such as energy denial or hexes like Migraine.
  • Enchant removal


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