Build:N/A PvE Contagion Bomber

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This build is provisionally vetted good pending more votes.

This build has received a provisional rating in the range from 3.75 to < 4.75 and thus qualifies for the lower category of working builds: Good.

This build has been designed for the following use:

PvE build dealing armor ignoring damages, fast and heavy AoE damages. Also spreading conditions area wide.

Attributes and Skills

Gain 9 Energy whenever a non-Spirit creature near you dies, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
Template code

Optional Optional Defense & health management :

  • Unholy Feast Unholy Feast dmg 111 . sacrifice 4%. recover 58 * number of foes (max 4)
  • Dark Escape Dark Escape damage reduction
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!"
  • Blood Renewal Blood Renewal dmg : 108. sacrifice 17% + 4%. recover 170 + 6 regen
  • Asuran Scan Asuran Scan dmg 54. sacrifice 4%
  • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood dmg 108. sacrifice 10% + 4%


  • Foul Feast Foul Feast dmg : 54 + (54 * number of conditions). sacrifice 4% + (5% * number of conditions). recover 27* number of conditions
  • Poisoned Heart Poisoned Heart dmg 108 + poison. sacrifice 4% + 5%
  • Putrid Explosion Putrid Explosion dmg 174. sacrifice 4%

more agressive options (spammable):

  • Dark Pact Dark Pact dmg 108 AoE + 43. sacrifice 10% + 4%
  • Bitter Chill Bitter Chill dmg 54 AoE + 60. sacrifice 4%


  • Armor : full blessed insignias or undertaker.
  • Weapon : +20% enchants and +5 energy. Also shield is advised.


  • precast skills 6,7,8
  • select a middle target or a support foe
  • use skills : 1,2,3,4
  • basically, everytime you suffer from a condition, Contagion Contagion will spread it to foes in the area and sacrifice a few of your HP. When you cast a spell under Masochism Masochism you will sacrifice a few HP. everytime you sacrifice health, Dark Aura Dark Aura triggers and deal massive damages to adjacent foes.
  • Signet of Agony Signet of Agony will do 60 direct AoE damages and sacrifice 10%, the hp sacrifice will directly trigger Dark Aura Dark Aura and since signet of agony inflicts bleeding to you , it will trigger dark aura -> contagion. Using just signet of agony will do a total of 60+2*54 = 168 damages.
  • then there is Shadow Sanctuary Shadow Sanctuary which is much more than a defense skill in this context. since it is a spell, it will trigger Masochism Masochism -> Dark Aura Dark Aura . but it also inflicts blindless to you and to all nearby foes thanks to Contagion Contagion -> Dark Aura Dark Aura  : 108 dmg.
  • Finally, you can recast skills 6,7,8 under masochism and dark aura to trigger some additional damages.


  • enchants removal.

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