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Melee necromancer build that uses Soul Taker to trigger Dark Aura with the cleave effect from scythe attacks. Uses Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" to deal weapon base damage without investing into a weapon mastery attribute. The involved health loss is countered by draining health points with Grenth's Aura.

Attributes and Skills

Gain 9 Energy whenever a non-Spirit creature near you dies, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
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Variable Skill Slot:

  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" – immunity to knock downs, crippled condition and source of additional armour. Ignores normal effect stacking, its bonus armour is applied after other armour bonuses.
  • Feel No Pain Feel No Pain – with alcohol. The increased maximum health points allow to play two superior attribute runes with less involved risks. Change death magic to 11+1+3 and soul reaping to 6+3. Decreases effectivity of Shelter and Protective Spirit.
  • Putrid Explosion Putrid Explosion – additional damage. Can be used to increase your damage range (nearby instead of adjacent), deal damage from distance (target foes near a corpse) and serves as a source of backup damage if either soul taker or dark aura have been removed.
  • Grenth's Fingers Grenth's Fingers – possible replacement for Mystic Vigor. Increased AoE spike (triggers Dark Aura via Masochism) Allows more frequent usage of one of the tear down attack skills below:
    • Twin Moon Sweep Twin Moon Sweep – additional area damage triggering. Requires a dervish enchantment. Avoid removing Grenth's aura unless it is about to recharge or already ready to be reapplied. Raise scythe mastery to (2).
    • Eremite's Attack Eremite's Attack – additional area damage triggering. Requires a dervish enchantment. Do not tear down Grenth's aura as the large amount of hits produced by an area attack against multiple foes may cause your death by sacrificing too many health points. Raise scythe mastery to (2).


Weapon Sets



Weapon Sets

  • Prepare enchantments with your staff of enchanting before combat.
  • Use the scythe during combat to deal melee damage and trigger your damage enchantments.
  • Switch to your shield set when idle or when either Dark Aura or Soul Taker have been removed and you find yourself unable to renew them.


  • Maintain Drunken Master Drunken Master
  • Use Signet of Mystic Speed so your enchantments Masochism, Dark Aura and Soul Taker have no casting time.
    • Note that they still have their aftercast delay of 0.75 seconds.
      • You can apply these enchantments right after an attack of yours has hit. This won't negate the aftercast delay, but skip the recovery phase of your auto attack.
    • Apply masochism first so it boosts the other enchantments. Reapply it before it runs out so it buffs itself.
      • Once masochism is active, try to cover the other necromancer enchantments with it, as they constitute the core damage dealing mechanic of your build.
      • As long as both masochism and dark aura are active all your spells will also trigger dark aura. Try to renew your enchantments before they run out to make use of this.
    • Don't reapply signet of mystic speed before all its charges have been used up. Reapplying the signet does not reset the active signet's remaining amount of charges.
  • Maintain Grenth's Aura and Mystic Vigor to counter your health loss.
    • If possible, cover soul taker and dark aura.
    • Mystic vigor uses up signet charges. Avoid using it while the signet is still active.
    • Renew Grenth's aura on recharge during combat. As long as masochism and dark aura are active this means a free extra trigger of area damage.
  • Position yourself inbetween as many foes as possible and try to hit up to three targets at once.
    • The damage from dark aura is centered on you, not the attacked foe(s). Your positioning determines how many foes are struck with your damage.
    • Soul taker and thus dark aura trigger on every attack, not hit. A blocked or missing attack will still trigger damage. Skills which cause additional attacks, such as Eremite's Attack or Twin Moon Sweep, will cause additional damage.


  • Enchantment removal.
  • Attack punishment hexes.
  • Spellcasting punishment hexes.
  • Snares.
  • Kiting foes.
  • Unreachable foes.
  • Desecrate Enchantments Desecrate Enchantments .


  • Dark Aura causes scattering.
  • Asuran Scan is not needed as Soul Taker and Dark Aura trigger even when missing the target.
  • It can be advantageous to bring Vigorous Spirit or Blood Bond in your team to counter the health loss caused by your skills. This is especially useful when there are mild amounts of enchantment removal, resulting in a risk that you lose your self-preservation dervish enchantments.
  • This build can be played with scythes other than Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer". However, you'll deal little to no damage with your scythe attacks, and due to Grenth's Aura a large share of the bonus damage from Soul Taker will be negated.
    • Consider dropping soul reaping to 1 or 2 points (take a major rune) in order to use the highest req. scythe possible, up to req 6.
  • Each scythe attack sacrifices 40 health per target hit (due to Dark Aura and Soul Taker) and heals for 41 (due to Grenth's Aura, Mystic Vigor, and the Vampiric Scythe mod), for a net gain of 1 health.

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