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This build uses the Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" alongside flash enchantments in a soul taker build. While the dealt direct damage of this build is not to be neglected, its main point is to trigger soul taker's health sacrifice, which in return triggers the damage from dark aura that is supplied by a hero. The scythe's native area attacks allow to trigger plenty of area damage, multiplied by twin moon sweep and accompanied by flash enchantments that also trigger health sacrifices through masochism, allowing for very large amounts of armour ignoring area damage. As a result, this build features one of the largest damage outputs against small and medium sized groups of foes in the game, outclassed only by Soul Taker Daggers against single targets. This power in offense is paid in health sacrifices that make additional healing mandatory.

Attributes and Skills

Gain 16 Energy whenever a non-Spirit creature near you dies, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
Template code


  • Replace drunken master with a consumables-based IAS.
  • If "I Am Unstoppable!"'s properties are not needed, replace it with...
    • An ability that improves your offense, such as asuran scan (triggers dark aura through masochism and helps to bypass blocking/missing) or ebon escape (if another ally with death's charge is present).
  • Switch out the least required out of eremite's attack, staggering force and dust cloak for a defensive flash enchantment.
    • Mirage Cloak Mirage Cloak – additional defense. Activation triggers dark aura through masochism.
    • Shield of Force Shield of Force – additional defense. Prefer over mirage cloak if foes bypass blocking or you want to protect other party members with the weakness. Activation triggers dark aura through masochism.
    • Mystic Regeneration Mystic Regeneration – selfhealing. Activation triggers dark aura through masochism.



  • Vampiric Anniversary Scythe "Sufferer" of fortitude or defense with the inscription "Guided by Faith".
  • 40/20/20 soul reaping for soul taker/masochism and wanding.
  • A long or flatbow for luring.
  • Shield set. To be used when you're idle or about to die.

Runes and insignias


  • Maintain drunken master.
  • Maintain soul taker and masochism during combat.
  • Micro your hero to use dark aura on you during combat. See Notes: Dark Aura.
  • Counter knock downs and crippled condition with "I am unstoppable!".
  • Maintain and renew your flash enchantments during combat.
  • Prefer attacking balling targets for maximum damage.
    • Place yourself inbetween as many foes as possible: You are the damage center.
    • Use eremite's attack to perform an area attack. In hard mode this usually kills an entire group of foes if it has about 8 targets in your range.
    • Use twin moon sweep to perform a double attack with twice as many soul taker triggers, leading to up to 6 AoE damage packages at once.
    • If you have the energy for it, chain your quickly recharging flash enchantments into attacks for even better damage compression.
    • See Notes: Damage for an overview of how much damage you can expect to deal.
  • If you can't reach targets with your melee attacks, switch to your staff. Wanding allows to deal soul taker on top of wanding damage.


  • Frequent enchantment removal.
  • Deep enchantment removal.
  • General anti-physical.
  • General anti-melee.
  • Lack of healing.


  • By dealing dark damage "Sufferer" will bypass profession and species based armour bonuses against physical and elemental damage, making it more effective against i.e. warriors than normal scythes.
  • Using this build with any other scythe will cut down its attack base damage to a minimum.
  • If your attacks miss or get blocked soul taker's health sacrifice and thus dark aura's damage are triggered nonetheless, making asuran scan much less prominent a skill choice for this necromancer compared to non-soul-taker melee builds.
  • The health loss on player and dark aura hero make it mandatory to bring additional healing compared to other builds.

Dark Aura

  • On top of the standard support like strength of honor and splinter weapon this build can be supported by dark aura.
    • Heroes use dark aura themselves during and outside of combat on all party members with a health sacrifice skill, excluding soul taker and masochism.
      • Therefore, if you want your hero to use the skill on you automatically, you need to bring a health sacrifice skill like blood renewal with you.
      • It will be used on all party members with health sacrifice skills, including healers with spirit light or blood is power. This may cause downtimes during combat or the hero lagging behind outside of combat.
    • You can assign a hotkey for Dark Aura on your hero for best results.
  1. Set a custom hotkey for Action: Order Hero # to use Skill # in the controls options to force heroes to use certain skills. I.e. if you put Dark Aura on skill slot 2 of hero 1, you need Action: Order Hero 1 to use Skill 2.
  2. Invite the hero to your party.
  3. Click on the number next to the hero in the party window. This opens the hero control panel.
  4. Hold down left shift and left click once on Dark Aura. A red crossed circle shows that it is disabled.
  5. Target yourself (standard hotkey: F).
  6. Use your custom hotkey.
  • Once you've installed the custom hotkey only steps 5 and 6 will be needed.
  • Dark aura Mechanics:
    • The caster loses health points. If the skill is provided by a different character in the party you don't suffer from both soul taker's and dark aura's health loss/sacrifice.
    • The enchanted character is the center of the damage, not the target of the weapon attacks.
    • Causes scattering.
    • Ends if the caster dies.


  • The following table assumes that the player is under the effect of soul taker, strength of honor and dark aura.
    • The vampiric prefix is treated like "armour ignoring bonus damage".
    • The health gain from the vampiric prefix is removed from the player's health loss.
    • Other support skills such as splinter weapon are ignored.
    • Flash enchantments can be chained right before or after an attack for additional triggering of dark aura through masochism, allowing for even better spikes and pressure than indicated in this table.
    • The "armour ignoring bonus damage" against the scythe targets already includes the dark aura damage. Do not add the "armour ignoring damage to targets adjacent to the player" on top of it!
Each auto attack
Scythe target(s) Additional area damage from dark aura Health loss
1 target Attack base damage + 101 armour ignoring bonus damage. 59 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 16
Hero: 23
2 targets Attack base damage + 160 armour ignoring bonus damage. 118 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 32
Hero: 46
3 targets Attack base damage + 219 armour ignoring bonus damage. 177 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 48
Hero: 69
Twin Moon Sweep
Scythe target(s) Additional area damage from dark aura Health loss
1 target 2x attack base damage + 202 armour ignoring bonus damage. 118 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 37
Hero: 46
2 targets 2x attack base damage + 320 armour ignoring bonus damage. 236 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 64
Hero: 92
3 targets 2x attack base damage + 438 armour ignoring bonus damage. 354 armour ignoring to adjacent to the player. Player: 96
Hero: 138

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