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This N/Rt hero uses Signet of Lost Souls and Soul Reaping to fuel restoration magic healing spells.

Attributes and Skills

Gain 14 Energy whenever a non-Spirit creature near you dies, up to 3 times every 15 seconds.
Template code

Ritualist Ritualist:

  • Optional Optional 1:
    • Xinrae's Weapon Xinrae's Weapon - for a protective heal.
  • Optional Optional 2 & 3:
    • Spirit Transfer Spirit Transfer – quick, powerful heal.
    • Weapon of Warding Weapon of Warding - protection against attacks.
    • Weapon of Shadow Weapon of Shadow – protection against attacks.
  • Optional Optional 2 & 3 (put 10 in Channeling Magic and change Soul Reaping to 8+1+1):
    • Splinter Weapon Splinter Weapon - to buff melee and minions for spammable AoE damage.
    • Ancestors' Rage Ancestors' Rage - for a quick pulse of damage for melee.

Necromancer Necromancer:

  • Optional Optional 1:
    • Icy Veins Icy Veins - for additional damage.
  • Optional Optional 1 (put 10+1+1 in Curses and change Soul Reaping to 8+1):
    • Pain of Disenchantment Pain of Disenchantment - for health loss and enchantment removal.
  • Optional Optional 2 & 3:
    • Foul Feast Foul Feast - for a quick condition transfer.
  • Optional Optional 2 & 3 (put 10+1+1 in Curses and change Soul Reaping to 8+1):
    • Enfeebling Blood Enfeebling Blood - decreases the damage of attacks significantly.
    • Shadow of Fear Shadow of Fear - decreases attack speed.
    • Reckless Haste Reckless Haste - decreases attack hit chance. Don't combine with Shadow of Fear.
    • Mark of Pain Mark of Pain - provides AoE damage triggered by melee players and minions.
    • Rip Enchantment Rip Enchantment - additional enchantment removal.
    • Weaken Armor Weaken Armor - improves your team's armor dependant damage output.


  • Replace Life with Recovery or Recuperation.




  • A 40/40 set restoration magic for downtimes of Protective was Kaolai.


  • Set the hero to Guard Guard mode.
  • Micro Mark of Pain and other skills as you deem necessary.


  • General anti-caster.
  • Anti-spirit.

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