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Dagger paragon providing his team with damage reduction and inflicting burning on adjacent foes.

Attributes and Skills[]

You gain 2 Energy for each ally affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 8 Energy).
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  • Use your daggers for combat.
  • Switch to your shield set out of combat, while idle or when you're unable to reach foes due to snares so you can gain adrenaline and keep using your shouts.
  • Use your staff to use your echoes and shouts while low on energy.


  • Use Heroic Refrain on self. Then renew it after is has self-buffed to Heroic Refrain.
    • You can also use it on other party members.
  • Use "They're On Fire!" on recharge. This grants permanent protection for the team, bonus armour from centurion's insignias and renews heroic refrain every 10 seconds.
  • Use Blazing Finale on yourself before combat and recast it when it runs out.
    • Position yourself next to as many foes as possible to set them on fire.
  • Use "There's Nothing to Fear!" when your team needs the damage reduction.
  • Use "Go For The Eyes!" whenever possible to gain 10 points of energy.
  • Use the dagger attack chain Jagged StrikeFox FangsDeath Blossom↺ on recharge.

Purpose, team integration[]

  • This paragon fits into any team build supporting a physical frontliner. Combines well with Balthazar's Spirit to further ease the energy management.
  • It works especially well with every build that benefits from the burning condition, such as Searing Flames elementalists.
  • Also synergizes with builds that benefit from the increased chance for critical hits, such as bone fiend minion masters
  • Useful asset for any team which lacks some party wide protection. When needed the blazing refrain variant can reduce a foes' damage output by 64% resulting in a decisive gain in your team's survivability.
  • Overpowers any team if spreading Heroic Refrain.


  • Action punishment like Visions of Regret and Spiteful Spirit due to the enormous frequency of skill usage.
  • Standard anti-physical.
  • Standard anti-melee.
  • Vocal Minority.
  • Foes immune to burning if using Blazing Finale.


  • You can use normal daggers instead of Anniversary Daggers "Vengeance" but will deal less damage.
  • If you play a variant without "They're on Fire!" you'll need your party to provide shouts that renew Heroic Refrain outside of combat. Without that you can't maintain the refrain on your party, reducing it to a buff on yourself.
  • The damage dealt with the main bar is only slightly higher than that of the soldier's fury variantbar. However, the main bar features better protection and can buff the entire team with +4 in all attributes, making it generally preferable. If you don't intend to buff your team and only play the build for its dagger aspects, you may want to prefer the variantbar. Due to its increased attack speed it works better with physical support than heroic refrain.

Exemplary Videos[]

Supported main damage dealer in Rescue at minister Cho's estate:
Soldier's Fury Variant
Providing damage and damage reduction in an offensive team build:
Soldier's Fury Variant

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