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This build is designed to farm the Slave Spirits found during the quest Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves (from Primeval King Jahnus in The Shattered Ravines) for unid golds (including Dead Swords) and materials such as dust or bones. It is also possible to get Q8 weapons here as well. In order to farm them over and over again, before engaging in battle, you will need to let them kill the Primeval King. This farm is done in Hard Mode.

Attributes and Skills

6 + 1
12 + 1 + 1
You gain 2 Energy for each ally affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 6 Energy).
Template code



  • Armor
    • Max armor with a Superior Vigor Rune.
    • Centurion's Insignias.
  • Equipment
    • +15% damage w/enchanted Furious Spear of Fortitude
    • Motivation Shield with a -2 physical damage w/enchanted mod and a +45hp w/enchanted mod. Fenrir's Bastion is a viable option.


Safe spot.

  • Start from the Bone Palace into Joko's Domain.
  • Mount the Junundu and head to the Shattered Ravines. Use Junundu Tunnel to push through the groups near the portal (be careful of the Margonites when entering the Shattered Ravines).
  • Take the quest from King Jahnus if needed.
  • Cast Balthazar's Spirit and wait for the spirits to kill the Primeval King.
  • There is a safe spot, directly behind the first palm tree, by the cliff. Between each wave, it is necessary for you to head there.
  • When they group up, cast Blazing Finale, Finale of Restoration and Mental Block then run in, positioning yourself besides the Monk slaves.
  • Then, attack the Monks with your spear, and, while in adjacent range of all foes, quickly cast "They're on Fire!", Focused Anger and spam both "Dodge This!" and "Go for the Eyes!" to gain health from Finale of Restoration and to set the slaves on fire.
  • You'll need to refresh Blazing Finale, Finale of Restoration and "They're on Fire!" as the fight wears on.
  • Pick up your drops, run to the safe spot if another group is coming, wait for them to settle, then engage again.


  • There are 5 waves total. Only one wave will come to start. This is the wave the you need to let kill the Primeval King.
  • It is possible to directly rezone after all the waves using the portal to Joko's Domain.
  • This build can also farm the Relentless Corpses in Fahranur, The First City, in Hard Mode.


Dead Sword Farmer