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Flux.jpg This build is significantly affected by the Flux: Hidden Talent.
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Notes: Attribute boost to Tactics

This build functions as a pressure role in low end PvP.

Attributes and Skills

You gain 2 Energy for each ally affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 5 Energy).
Template code

  • One energy skill:
    • Maiming Spear Maiming Spear
    • Disrupting Throw Disrupting Throw
    • Spear of Lightning Spear of Lightning
  • One adren skill:
    • Blazing Spear Blazing Spear
    • Wild Throw Wild Throw
    • Merciless Spear Merciless Spear
    • Spear of Redemption Spear of Redemption


  • Centurion's Insiginas
  • Superior Vigor Runes
  • Vitaes/Attunements as you see fit.
  • Furious/Vampric spears
    • High Energy weaponset (post-death to cast Aggressive Refrain)
  • Defensive Shields (Tactics)


  • Precast Aggressive Refrain with "To the Limit!" and maintain them together
  • Barbed/Maiming Spear to spread bleeding and cripple
  • Daze casters or finish off foes with Stunning Strike


  • Anti-adrenaline
  • Standard anti-physical


  • If you spec 9 into tactics to meet your shield requirement, let "To the Limit!" end before renewing it.


  • Outside RA, replace Res Sig with another spear attack or Anthem of your choice.