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A hero which provides increased movement speed (IMS) to reach a destination faster when farming a single location that's not directly outside of an outpost portal. Some farms require this build in order to run past groups to get to the intended target(s). This build can also be used as a general running build to take with you on a hero when running somewhere.

Attributes and Skills

12 + 1 + 3
You gain 2 Energy for each ally affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 2 Energy).
Template code

Depending on the farming area you may want to fill some of the optional skill slots.

Optional Optional

  • "Make Haste!" "Make Haste!" – if the player needs to reach 34% IMS to break aggro once on the route to the farming location. Disable the skill and manually use it when needed.
  • "Can't Touch This!" "Can't Touch This!" – in case touch skill protection is required on the way to the farming location.
  • "Never Surrender!" "Never Surrender!" – helps to survive pressure when running through multiple groups of foes.
  • Enduring Harmony Enduring Harmony – disable and use manually on the player. Increases shout duration if desired.
  • Vocal Was Sogolon Vocal Was Sogolon – 12 restoration magic. Use this skill manually. Increases shout duration on both characters. Allows to use both IMS shouts simultaneously so both the player and hero break aggro and can run through multiple groups of foes.
  • Holy Veil Holy Veil – disable and use manually on the player. The reduced activation time for hexes and the hex removal upon manual removal of the enchantment may allow to run through a group of foes with a snare hex.
  • Frozen Soil Frozen Soil – if the farmed foes have resurrection skills which need to be suppressed. Disable and manually use in spirit range (50% compass range) of the target foes.



  • Set the hero to Avoid Combat.
  • Disable optional skills and use them manually when needed.
    • To disable a hero skill, add the hero to your party and click on the number next to his name in the party window. The Hero Control Panel will open. Hold down left SHIFT and left click once on the skill you want to disable.
    • To use a hero skill manually, left click it in the Hero Control Panel after selecting the target for the skill.
  • When you need to run through a group of foes together with the hero, flag them past the foes to avoid any kiting and falling behind.
  • When you reach the farming location, flag the hero out of the compass range. This avoids any reduction in the amount of loot you receive.

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