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This build uses Heart of Shadow to bypass the long dialogue at the start of the Moddok Crevice mission, allowing you to farm all the Corsairs here (including Captain Bohseda) in less than a minute. It is the one of the few places in the game where q8 items can be farmed (and the only one where the elusive perfect q8 Colossal Scimitar can drop). This farm is done in Hard Mode.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 64%.
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Variant: R/A Moddok Crevice Corsair Farmer Dunkoro
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  • Armor
    • Full blessed Insignias, 3 runes of Vitae, highest Vigor rune possible.
  • Weapons
    • Any caster-modded one-handed weapon (+5 energy mod, +20% enchantment duration mod). Anniversary Sword "Prominence" is perfect if you have it.
    • A Shield with a +10 vs Piercing damage mod and a Fortitude/Devotion mod (Kunan's Bastion is a very good unique option).


  • As soon as you spawn, flag Dunkoro near the mission's door, far behind you.
  • Select Captain Bohseda, walk near the barrier of Corsairs blocking you, cast Heart of Shadow.
  • Keep running until you have the torch to your left, and a big rock to your right.
  • Cast Shroud of Distress, Dwarven Stability, "Together as One!".
  • Walk a few feet forward, triggering the Corsair spawn. Cast Shadow Sanctuary immmediately, then run back to the other Corsairs.
  • After the corner, hug the wall to your right. While hugging that wall, cast Shadow of Haste halfway between the corner and the Corsairs blocking you.
  • Let the Corsairs that just spawned catch up to you, target one of them then cast Heart of Shadow to jump the bodyblocking wall a second time.
  • Walk behind the two rocks to your right, renewing Dwarven Stability, Shadow Sanctuary and "Together as One!".
  • Talk to Captain Bohseda when the exclamation point appears on top of him.
  • Refuse his offer, then immediately cast Whirling Defense.
  • Walk a few feet backwards (towards the corner), balling the warriors in a "right wall block" setup. Renew your defensive skills as soon as you can.
  • Captain Bohseda should ball himself with the rangers. Target him.
  • As soon as the warriors die, cast Death's Charge on Captain Bohseda.
  • All the Corsairs should now be dead. Pick up your drops, repeat.
    • If you happen to fail the run and there are drops you couldn't pick up, release Dunkoro and let him rez you with Unyielding Aura.


  • Having the recommended equipment is mandatory here.
  • Timing needs to be perfect for this to work. Keep practicing and you'll get that 100% success rate.
  • Those Corsairs drop a large number of runes.
  • Dwarven rank 5 is ideal.

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