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Uses Shadow Form and assassin enchantments to negate damage and Whirling Defense to quickly kill ranged groups. Whirling Defense damages all adjacent foes every time a ranged attack is blocked. If you can ball up a group of ranged enemies, you can effectively farm the group using the AoE damage from Whirling Defense.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 60%.
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  • Way of the Master Way of the Master / Way of Perfection Way of Perfection : Build damage reduction.
  • Death's Charge Death's Charge / Dark Prison Dark Prison : To fix bodyblock and/or easily jump to the center of a ball.
  • Heart of Shadow Heart of Shadow : Fix bodyblock and speed up running to the desired mobs.
  • Conflagration Conflagration : Changes ranger and paragon attacks into fuel for Storm Chaser.
  • Winnowing Winnowing : Increases the damage of Whirling Defense.
  • Edge of Extinction Edge of Extinction : Cleans up stragglers. Place as many points in BM as you can spare.
  • Mental Block Mental Block : Additional blocking, increasing Whirling damage.
  • Shadow Sanctuary Shadow Sanctuary / Feigned Neutrality Feigned Neutrality : Emergency healing+armor.
  • Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability : Lengthen stances. Also maintainable anti-KD for the inebriated.
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" / "Don't Trip!" "Don't Trip!" : "I'm too cheap to buy alcohol." / "I'm in AA."
  • Great Dwarf Armor Great Dwarf Armor : Additional armor.
  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness : Can replace Deadly Paradox to save on energy. If more than one cycle is needed, use with Dwarven Stability and at least 8 Wilderness Survival. You will need to remain above 50% health in this case.


  • Full Blessed Insignias
  • Attunement runes
  • Spear/Axe/Sword of Enchanting (+5 Energy)
  • Shield of Fortitude (+10AR vs. Piercing)
  • Shield of Fortitude (+10AR vs. Fire) if using Conflagration
  • +20 Staff of Enchanting for backup energy

Farming Areas

Dragon Mosses

Destroyer Core Farming

Snowman's Lair


Ice Imps


Tower of Courage

Bloodback Morrob, Skalefin Soup Farming

Suneh Stormbringer & Hassin Softskin


  • Failing to maintain Shadow Form and enchantments
  • Running out of energy, use Storm Chaser to compensate
  • Lag, especially due to filling screen with damage hits from Whirling.


R/A Dragon Moss Farm

R/A Destroyer Core Farm

R/A Snowman Farm

R/A Mantid Farm

R/A Tahkayun Tsi & Mantid Farm

R/A Ice Imps Farm

R/A IDS Farm

R/A Gargoyles Farm

R/A Tower of Courage Farm

R/A Bloodback Morrob, Skalefin Soup Farming

R/A Suneh Stormbringer & Hassin Softskin Farm

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