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This build combines several blocking skills with AoE weakness and life steal in order to become nearly invincible against physical mobs whilst dealing heavy AoE damage through scythe attacks.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 48%.
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  • Maintain Grenth's Aura Grenth's Aura in combat. Optional: if your energy allows, use it as often as possible for extra AoE and healing.
  • Maintain weakness on mobs with "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!".
    • Note: do not use YAAW right after Crippling Victory as you don't want to get the weakness stripped by Reap Impurities!

Farmable Areas

  • All the farms listed are done in Hard Mode.

Drakes outisde Rilohn Refuge

  • Required quest: Drakes on the Plain.
  • Take Koss with you, he's needed for the quest. As soon as you enter the Floodplain of Mahnkelon flag him far to the south.
  • Activate Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability followed by Escape Escape. Turn left and start running towards the drakes.
  • Right before you aggro them, use Mental Block Mental Block. Apply "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!" the moment the drakes get into melee range.
    • Note: the drakes have Bull's Charge, which could KD if it hits you on the move. It's not a big deal, but try to keep your distance while pulling.
  • There are 2 groups of Steelfang Drakes you'll be farming, they can be done togeher or in separae groups. They scatter less when done separately.
  • Once balled up on a corner, just cleave them down with scythe spam.
  • Notable drops: Chunk of Drake Flesh which can be used to buy Drake Kabobs.

Jade Brotherhood Knights in Wajjun Bazaar

  • Start from The Marketplace.
  • It's a very easy farm, just maintain your stances and enchants, pull both groups of Knights then nuke. Keep going right along the sea, the run ends near Kegai.

Hulking Stone Elementals in Old Ascalon

  • Start from Sardelac Sanitarium and head north.
  • Another easy farm, nothing special.
  • Sometimes you get wrong spawns (way too many Grawl instead of elementals), in that case just rezone.
  • The farm route can be rather lengthy, keep going north until you hit the road near Ascalon City before starting to circle back with a left turn.
  • Notable drops: various crafting materials including a chance at Rubies.

Stalking Nephilas in the Plains of Jarin

  • Start from Sunsper Great Hall and head south.
    • Optional: pick up the insect bounty from the nearby shrine for Sunspear rep.
  • Avoid Ibogas on the way at all costs!
  • Use Mental Block Mental Block before pulling.
  • Once you've aggro'd them all, try to ball them up on the edge of the nearby hill.
  • Nuke as usual.

Juvenile Bladed Termites in the Plains of Jarin

  • Start from The Astralarium and head south. Follow the river.
  • Use Mental Block Mental Block before pulling.
  • Ball them up near the edge of the river and nuke.

Mountain Trolls in Talus Chute

  • Start from Droknar's Forge and head west towards the cave.
  • Avoid Avicara groups.
    • Taking a Paragon Speed Boost hero with you is recommended because with hero flagging it can draw unwanted aggro on the way to the cave.
  • Once inside, maintain your enchants and stances as usual.
  • Circle counterclockwise around the ice pillars, positioning yourself on the two protruding rocks on the right of the cave's entrance.
  • Do a Right Wall Block [[1]] then spike.
  • Notable drops: Mountain Troll Tusks which can be exchanged for 20/20 offhands.

Undead behind the house in the Gates of Kryta mission

  • The moment you enter the mission, apply Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability and Escape Escape.
  • Follow the main road for a bit, then turn left the first chance you get. You'll find a house, there's a hidden passage behind it.
  • Follow the passage and you'll see a Hellhound. Aggro it then run back a bit until you find a corner to ball the mobs on.
  • Apply Mental Block Mental Block.
  • Start the usual routine and kill the Hellhound and its group. More undead should spawn after.
  • Kill them as usual.
  • Notable drops: bones, dust, and Decayed Orr Emblems which serve as currency during holdiays.

Kveldulf in Norrhart Domains

  • Ignore Fenrir's group because you can't kill him anyways, go for the other side of the cave.

Stone Wolves and Chilling Wisps outside the Eye of the North

  • Both of these mobs are right outside the Eye of the North and can be farmed in the same run.
  • You may want to do the Wisps in 2 separate groups for less scattering.
  • As for the wolves, apply Mental Block Mental Block right before pulling aggro, followed by "You Are All Weaklings!" "You Are All Weaklings!" on Johon the moment you're in range of him. Ball the wolves up on the boss.
  • While it's possible to kill Ranger Johon the Oxflinger, it can take ages and isn't really recommended.

Stone Scale Kirin in Pongmei Valley

  • Enter Pongmei Valley from Maatu Keep.
  • Quickly use Escape Escape to aggro the first group of Stone Scale Kirins. Do not aggro an other enemies.
  • Spike like normal.
  • Find the other two groups of Stone Scale Kirins while avoiding aggro of other enemies and Spike like normal.

Slave Spirits in the Shattered Ravines

Safe spot.

  • Enter the Shattered Ravines. Be careful of the Margonite group, then talk to Primeval King Jahnus.
  • Take the quest Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves then move on to the safe spot.
  • Once the fight between Spirits is over, under Escape Escape aggro one group then run back for a bit towards the portal.
  • They will soon de-aggro then ball themselves perfectly.
  • Under Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability and Escape Escape, target an enemy caster and move into melee range (don't get crippled by the Warriors!) then cast Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes and spike.
  • Move to the safe spot between groups. Repeat until there is no group left, rezone through the portal if you want.


Hulking Stone Elementals


Johon the Oxflinger

Gates of Kryta

Jade Brotherhood Knights, Stalking Nephilas, Juvenile Bladed Termites, Charr in Nolani Academy, Kveldulf, Stone Scale Kirin


  • Degen.
  • General anti-melee.
  • Stance / enchantment removal.

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