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The Famine Farmer is a Ranger build meant to easily solo many bosses in the Factions and Nightfall campaigns by using Famine combined with energy denial provided by Mesmer skills.

Attributes and skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 8%.
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  • Optional Optional :


  • Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness - spam Mind Wrack faster and have more leeway in maintaining hexes.
  • Wastrel's Worry Wastrel's Worry /Wastrel's Demise Wastrel's Demise - more damage
  • Backfire Backfire - to damage spell caster bosses before their energy has drained. Note that mobs will never cast under Backfire when that cast would kill them, unlike attacking under Empathy.
  • Cry of Pain Cry of Pain - interrupt with essentially unconditional damage.

Energy Denial: Get to the Famine/Mind Wrack triggers faster.

  • Energy Tap Energy Tap : works on everything and nets some energy, but relatively weak.
  • Power Leak Power Leak : requires a target spell that can be reliably interrupted, but very effective.
  • Guilt Guilt : slightly less effective than Power Leak, but easier to use and nets energy.

Skill Disable: Prevent annoying skill use and force the boss to attack.

  • Diversion Diversion - disable spammable skills for a long time
  • Ignorance Ignorance - disable all signets

Survivability: Mostly to aid in running to the boss, as when done correctly, the boss should not be outdamaging Troll Unguent, if dealing any damage at all.

  • Natural Stride Natural Stride : Block + faster IMS in one, with decent uptime. Note the early end conditions.
  • Dwarven Stability Dwarven Stability : Lengthen stances and prevent knockdown if drunk (can combine well offensively with Serpent's Quickness).
  • "I Am Unstoppable!" "I Am Unstoppable!" : Prevent knockdown and cripple.

Note: Troll Unguent may also be replaced for a skill on this list if it's unneeded for a particular boss


  • Radiant Insignia
  • Superior Vigor Rune
  • Wilderness Survival Mask with Rune of Superior Wilderness Survival
  • 3 Attunement Runes
  • 40/40 Domination Magic and Inspiration Magic Wand and Focus sets.
  • A flatbow or longbow on which the modifiers do not matter (this bow is merely to pull some bosses with).
  • A second set of armor with more survivability may be used to run to and pull some bosses. Tailor this set to the area you need to run through.


  • Run to the boss with Storm Chaser and pull him into a location where he and his mobs cannot hit you with their attacks (Behind a tree, around a ledge, etc.).
  • Set Famine and put Spirit Shackles, Spirit of Failure, and Empathy on the boss. Refresh these as needed.
    • Do not use Empathy (or other damage spells) on healer bosses until they have drained their energy, as it will slow down the build as they periodically stop attacking to heal, negating the advantage of inflicting early damage. During Hard Mode farms in particular, their attacks will drain energy faster than most of their healing spells can.
  • If the boss can cast spells on you, keep Troll Unguent up during this time. If these spells inflict elemental damage, maintain Storm Chaser as well to aid energy management.
  • Once the boss is out of energy due to Spirit Shackles begin to spam Mind Wrack on him in addition to the hexes.
  • Most bosses fall very quickly after their energy is gone, in under a minute.


Hero Flagging

The following must have surrounding mobs cleared before you can farm with this build. Bring heroes (preferably that do not have so much AoE that they will kill the boss by accident) to kill the surrounding mobs and then flag them out of radar range (their names in the party window will turn grey if done correctly). This will prevent them from reducing drops from the boss.

Storm Chaser can be dropped for another optional skill, and "Fall Back!"/"Incoming!"/"Charge!" can be used on some heroes to boost run speed instead.


  • Because of the nature of how the build works it is only effective against bosses that use ranged attacks and have poor spell damage.
  • Bosses with copious hex removal are difficult to shut down long enough to kill.