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This is the Ranger variant of the classic Vaettir Farm. This can be done for holiday drops and working towards getting the Survivor title. If going for Survivor, it is recommended that you bring a hero with Life Bond, Life Barrier, and Balthazar's Spirit. Flag the hero near the Resurrection Shrine upon entry.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 32%.
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  • Full Earthbound Insignias with high Health runes.
  • Spear/Sword/Axe of Enchanting with +5 energy.
  • Shield of Fortitude with +10 Vs Earth Damage.


This run must be done using the two ball method. Otherwise, you will not be able to tank all of the damage.

  • Pre-Cast Melandru's Resilience, Great Dwarf Armor, and Mental Block.
  • Agro all Vaettir on the North or South side while using "You Are All Weaklings!" as often as needed to reduce damage.
  • Ball up using the Right Wall Blocking technique. When the ball is settling, use Throw Dirt to blind the Vaettir.
    • "When facing the enemies, the terrain used to perform the block should be on your right hand side. This means that you might have to first re-position yourself around the foes. Standing close to the wall, perform a sidestep outwards, leaving a bit of room between yourself and the wall. Note that the room should not be large enough that the enemies can pass through it. With the enemies up against the wall, and the player in this position, they are now locked in a right wall block. Note: The sidestep is not strictly needed in all situations. If you are unsure, do it."[1]
  • Once balled, cast Sympathetic Visage and then kill them using Wastrel's Demise and Wastrel's Worry (tabbing to a new Vaettir after hexing one).
    • There may be one or two left over. Any leftovers will be hard to kill so it is best to ignore and move on.
  • Do the same on the other side.

Suggested Ball Tactic (North End):

  • Pull all of the agro up to the house as shown in the video below and use Throw Dirt.
    • At this point, the ball will not always be perfect. If not, walk backwards to bring the ball between the house and the sign as shown in the video below.
    • Once the ball is there, stand in the middle of the house and sign. This just happens to be about the distance for a Right Wall Block.
  • Cast Sympathetic Visage and then Wastrels' them down.

Suggested Ball Tactic (South End):

  • Pull all of the agro and ball up on the wall as shown in the video below.
    • Once the ball settles or as the ball is settling, use Throw Dirt to blind them.
    • Perform a Right Wall Block as mentioned above.
  • Cast Sympathetic Visage and then Wastrels' them down.


  • Failure to maintain Melandru's Resilience and Great Dwarf Armor.
  • Take too much damage without enough damage reduction.
  • Failure to perform the Right Wall Block.
  • The ball scatters.


  • If you were to just ball a group and cast Wastrel's Worry, the Vaettir will scatter and mess up the spike and most likely the run. That is why the ball must be balled up using the Right Wall Block technique.
  • This method takes a lot of practice. It is recommended to take Death Penalty removal with you for the first couple of runs.


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