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This beast master build deals large amounts of single target damage without sacrificing the pet's survivability or mobility; fits into any kind of team build but will benefit from cracked armor. Requires blood is power support.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 36%.
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  • Otyugh's Cry Otyugh's Cry can replace Call of Protection if you need to circumvent blocking. The additional armor somewhat offsets the loss of flat damage reduction.



  • Set the hero to Fight Fight mode.
  • Open the hero control panel by clicking on the number next to the hero's name in the party window. Hold down left shift and left click once on Strength of Honor to disable it. When entering the mission, click on the hero's pet and then left click once on Strength of Honor, so the hero will maintain the enchantment on its pet.
  • If the pet somehow dies and the hero isn't using Comfort Animal to revive it, force the skill use.


  • Blindness condition and hexes such as Blurred Vision used on the pet.
  • Hero refusing to automatically res pet if it dies.


  • Pets receive 33% less damage by default and all damage they deal is increased by 33%, applying on bonus damage from weapon spells, pet attack skills and other sources.

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