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This build is designed to defeat the first two waves of foes in the Breaching the Stygian Veil quest in Hard Mode with traps.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 48%.
Template code

Variant: R/N HM Stygian Veil Trapper EoE Hero
12 + 1 + 3
12 + 1
The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 52%.
Template code


  • Radiant insignias
  • +20 Energy Staff of Fortitude.
  • Optionally a spear or bow for additional Mark of Pain triggers.


Flag your hero here.

Example of trap and spirit placement.

Enemies explode!

  • Set the hero to Avoid Combat Avoid Combat mode.
  • Display your Lightbringer title.
  • Disable and micro Edge of Extinction and Unyielding Aura on the hero.
  • Run east to the Adept of Whispers and accept the quest Breaching the Stygian Veil. Accept the bounty from the Whispers Informant if desired.
  • Wait outside aggro range of the Stygian Hungers converging from the red valley below.
  • Run down into the valley and continue around the Dreadspawn Maw until you reach the spot in the hero flag image.
  • Flag your hero as shown, and continue towards the group until you are in the location of the second image.
  • Activate Winnowing next to the wall as shown, and activate EoE on the hero panel.
  • Activate Trapper's Speed, and begin trapping in this order: Dust, Spike, Flame.
  • Continue activating traps as they recharge.
  • Flag your hero away as shown anytime while you are waiting for skill recharges.
  • After Trapper's Speed expires the first time, activate Muddy Terrain next to the other spirit. Make sure you activate Muddy Terrain while your traps are recharging so time isn't wasted.
  • Use Trapper's Speed as your timer. After it has expired a third time, lay any remaining traps, and then pull.
  • Cast Mark of Pain on the nearest target to pull, then immediately run behind your spirits and activate the ward.
  • As long as you remain inside the ward, Flame Trap and Spike Trap will be buffed in damage.
  • Exit the valley, return to the safe spot behind the teeth, and then release the hero flag.
  • Once the next wave has converged, run back into the valley, collect your drops, and repeat.
  • If any enemies follow you instead of attacking your spirit, drop a Spike Trap and run. Eventually, they may give up.
  • Resign after the second wave, as Stygian Fiends will show up in the third wave and can't be killed.


  • Improper timing.
  • Incorrect spirit and/or trap placement.
  • Insufficient Lightbringer rank.
  • Monsters follow you instead of attacking your spirits.


  • Serpent's Quickness may be used instead of Trapper's Speed. Begin pull no later than 3/4 recharge of the second activation of SQ.
  • Replace EBSoH with another spirit or trap if you don't have the EotN expansion. See discussion page for possible alternatives.


  • Several Stygian Hungers will likely cast Grenth's Balance on you before they die.
  • After enemies have balled up and have been knocked down, you may attack the hexed target with a spear or bow to cause additional MoP triggers. Note that attempting this may cause scatter.
  • No drops are assigned to party members outside compass range, so the player will receive all drops.
  • It is possible to defeat both waves using only the player build at high Lightbringer and Ebon ranks.


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