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Flux.jpg This build is significantly affected by the Flux: Jack of All Trades.
See the build's talk page for discussion and ramifications not noted here.  
  • Decrease Expertise to 9 + 1 + 1 and increase Protection Prayers/Domination Magic to 8.
  • If using Curses or no attribute for utility skills, pick your attributes as 11 Expertise, 10+1 Wilderness Survival, 10+1 Marksmanship.

This build combines quickly recharging interruptions with the ability to spread degeneration for pressure on multiple targets. The standard elite skill is Melandru's shot, as it features both additional damage and the ability to snare targets, but other options are available to focus on a specific aspect of the build.

Attributes and Skills

The energy cost of attack skills, rituals, touch skills and all Ranger skills is reduced by 56%.
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Variable skill slot 1

  • Mending Touch Mending Touch – for general use. Remove blind from self, take care of cracked armour, weakness or degeneration in skirmishes.
  • Holy Veil Holy Veil – if anticipating to play against a Lightning Surge elementalist. Simply maintain the hex and the elementalist won't be able to kill you.
  • Rend Enchantments Rend Enchantments – anti elementalist skill both for split and main team purposes.
  • Blackout Blackout – total shutdown of monks in key situations. Decrease wilderness survival and marksmanship to 9+1 each so you can run 6 domination magic.

Variable skill slot 2

  • Resurrection Signet Resurrection Signet
  • Troll Unguent Troll Unguent – if you plan to split or fight splits a lot with the ranger and need the healing.
  • Point Blank Shot Point Blank Shot – for the factions PvP modes Fort Aspenwood and Alliance Battles.


There are several variants which are sometimes played to focus on a specific aspect of the build.


Runes and insignias


  • Crippling recurve bow of defense.
  • Crippling long bow of defense.
  • Poisonous recurve bow of defense.
  • 40/40 protection prayers or curses or a 20/20 set depending on the utility spell.
  • Poisonous spear of defense, 10%hrt with
    • Strength shield of fortitude, -20% cripple duration.
    • Strength shields of fortitude, +10 armor against each damage type.

Additional weapons

  • Vampiric flatbow of defense against NPCs.


For a thorough explanation of how to use this build in general and specific situations read the GvG Ranger Guide.

  • Maintain Apply Poison and switch targets to spread pressure.
  • Interrupt key skills with Distracting Shot and other relevant skills with Savage Shot.
  • Cripple targets and apply additional pressure with Melandru's Shot.


  • Melees with stance removal.
  • Low activation time hexes which break Natural Stride on spikes, such as Wastrel's Demise.
  • Constant camping of Apply Poison.
  • General anti-physical.
  • "It's Just a Flesh Wound."
  • Recovery

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