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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

An hybrid Ritualist build that can adjust itself to the flow of the game by being capable of either holding allied shrines (directly or passively) against enemy pressure with Restoration Magic spirits or capturing enemy shrines on its own while boosting/healing carriers with the help of Elementalist spells.


The Preservation + Spirits backbone is sometimes seen in regular JQ matches (in a purely defensive setup, or in a hybrid setup like this one).

Attributes and Skills

Template code

Optional :


  • Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds - Safer shrine capture & more overall offensive power.
  • Phoenix Phoenix - Slight damage bonus when capturing shrines, can double as an NPC AoE heal when defending.
  • Glyph of Elemental Power Glyph of Elemental Power - Windborne Speed at 8 seconds. Solo shrine capture becomes riskier.


  • Vengeful Weapon Vengeful Weapon - More defensive power. Solo shrine capture becomes riskier.


  • Attunement Runes (with a Rune of Superior Vigor), Radiant Insignias, 40/40 Fire Set.
  • 40/20/20% Enchantments Fire Staff (to be used for Windborne Speed casts).
  • High Energy Fire Set.
  • Defensive Spear/Shield sets :
    • Shield of Fortitude (+10ar vs. Piercing)
    • Shield of Fortitude (+10ar vs. Slashing)
    • Shield of Fortitude (+10ar vs. Lightning)


  • Try to gauge what is going on in the whole game and react accordingly by adopting a defensive or an offensive position.
  • Always use Windborne Speed on carriers near you, healing them if needed.
  • You have the ability to passively defend shrines : Cast your spirits behind a friendly shrine even when it's not your primary target.

Defensive situation (holding a shrine under attack) :

  • Cast Preservation and Recuperation spirits in the little cave behind the NPC's. Space them out so they don't both die in case of enemy AoE. Recast whenever you can.
  • Cast Life directly in the center of the allied NPC's circle. Recast whenever you can.
  • Position yourself way behind the NPC's, at the far end of the cave.
  • Directly heal the NPC's with Mend Body and Soul. and assist them with your Fire Magic skills.
  • Use Windborne Speed on approaching carriers.

Offensive situation (attacking an enemy shrine) :

  • Approach without getting NPC aggro. Target one of the two center enemies.
  • Cast Meteor Shower and Bed of Coals. Heal yourself if needed.
  • Kill any straggler NPC with the help of your Optional skill.


  • Extreme damage from multiple sources when holding shrines.
  • Enemy healing when capping shrines.


  • Avoid 1v1 situations as much as you can when running between objectives.