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This build is used to farm the Reed Stalkers right outside of the Temple of Ages in Hard Mode.

Attributes and Skills

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  • Run right outside of ToA.
  • Before agroing the Reed Stalkers, cast Mantra of Resolve, then use arcane echo then Vengeful Was Khanhei.
  • Quickly agro all of the Reed Stalkers by walking forward.
    • Once all are in agro, walk backwards up the hill so they are all hitting you but are slightly outside of the bubble range (less likely to interrupt you on casting).
    • Stand still. As Vengeful Was Khanhei is about to run out, recast on the echo.
  • Again, as Vengeful Was Khanhei is about to run out, recast. By the end of this cast, all reeds should be dead.
    • If any are leftover, use Vengeful weapon to clean up.


  • Interrupts.
    • Interrupts drain energy.
  • Failure to keep health steal skills up.


  • Sometimes, one or two of the Reeds will agro and glitch and not attack.