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This build is in the testing phase.

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This build has been designed for the following use:

An extremely fast Ritualist build using Vengeful Was Khanhei with Visages to quicky kill Smite Crawler groups and Skeletons of Dhuum in the Underworld's Ice Wastes for Globs of Ectoplasm. Heroes are needed to clear the Labyrinth's chamber.

Attributes and Skills

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  • Standard armor set. Radiant insignias and the highest Vigor rune possible are recommended.


  • A one-handed weapon with energy +5 and a mod of Enchanting.
  • A shield with a +10 vs Piercing inscription and a Fortitude mod (Kunan's Bastion is perfect for this) is the most optimal here. Other shields can also be considered, you have some leeway here as the build is very safe.


Ice Wastes, detailed.

The Chamber / The Labyrinth

  • Use your team of heroes to clear the path to the Ice Wastes. A regular meta team like Mesmerway will easily dispatch foes on the way.
  • Stay behind when facing Aatxes, you don't want Death Penalty when facing Smites.

Smite Crawlers

  • Always aggro the Smite Crawlers one group at a time. You can't tank more than five of them.
  • Before aggroing, cast Physical Resistance and Channeling.
  • With all the Smites on you, cast one of the Visages, Snow Storm and Vengeful Was Khanhei.
  • Wait 4 seconds for the Snow Storm to stop (this prevents the group from scattering !), then cast the second Visage, Vengeful Weapon and Light of Deldrimor.
  • The Smite group should now be dead. Repeat the same procedure for every Smite Crawler group in the Ice Wastes.

Skeletons of Dhuum

  • Before engaging a Skeleton, check for problematic patrols which could disturb you. If everything is all clear, proceed.
  • Cast Vengeful Weapon, then aggro the Skeleton.
  • As the Skeleton begins attacking you, cast Vengeful Was Khanhei then recast Vengeful Weapon, get in range and cast Light of Deldrimor.
  • Keep recasting Vengeful Weapon as soon as you can this during the fight !
  • The Skeleton should now be dead.


  • Feel free to study the little patrol map on the "Usage" section to familiarize yourself with the Ice Wastes.
  • Never aggro Coldfire Nights. Learning their patrols is a key part of Smite Crawler farming.

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