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This build uses Soul Twisting to maintain damage mitigating spirits on the Kurzick side of Fort Aspenwood.

Attributes and Skills[]

Creatures you create have 56% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 56% longer.
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  • Earthbind (PvP) Earthbind (PvP) keeps foes caught by the Elementalists' Unsteady Ground and player knockdowns on the ground longer. Also allows players to KD turtles.
  • Soothing (PvP) Soothing (PvP) slows down adrenaline build-up by Luxon Warriors and adrenaline using opponents.
  • Dissonance (PvP) Dissonance (PvP) interrupts casters and attackers alike, shutting down its target.
  • Energetic Was Lee Sa Energetic Was Lee Sa instead of Signet of Creation, if not using a high-energy set.
  • Boon of Creation Boon of Creation instead of Signet of Creation, if you are not stalling turtles and face less enchantment removal.


  • Survivor Insignia, Superior Vigor Rune, Rune of Vitae.
  • +5e Spear of Fortitude, Communing Focus of Fortitude with your favourite inscription (spell cast/recharge modifiers are useless).
  • +5e Spear of Warding, Communing Focus of Fortitude with "Like a Rolling Stone" (+10AR vs Earth damage), as a secondary set for stalling turtles (turtle attacks do earth damage).



Stand in the middle of the circle the plants line out: players cannot reach you, but turtles will get stuck. Keep in mind that turtle attacks will still hit you.

  • Use Soul Twisting to spam Shelter, Union and Displacement continuously. Make sure to cast Union after Shelter.
  • Use spots where you aggro the turtles and players can't reach you (see image for the orange turtle example); you can cover an outer and inner gate and the center NPCs at the same time.
  • Remove conditions and hexes from key NPCs.


  • Diversion on Soul Twisting. If Soul Twisting is up and you are hexed with Diversion, you can still cast spirits and they will immediately recharge.
  • Extreme interrupting while you cast spirits. Don't stay in the line of sight of Rangers.
  • Minion Masters on your team can waste Shelter. Minion Masters on either team can deplete Union and Displacement rapidly.


  • If you don't mind a little less energy gain from Signet/Boon of Creation and weaker spirits, you can change the attribute spread to accommodate Restoration skills. 10+1+1 Spawning Power, 10+2 Communing and 11+1 Restoration Magic, for example. Then you can use the optional slot and/or Holy Veil for a Restoration spirit or two (Recuperation (PvP), Recovery (PvP), Life (PvP)) or Spirit Light.
  • Infuse Health over Holy Veil for Kurzick side.

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