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This build has been designed for the following use:

This build supports up to four physicals with Strength of Honour, Great Dwarf Weapon and Splinter Weapon. Fits into teams with two or more physicals.

Attributes and Skills

Creatures you create have 44% more Health, and weapon spells you cast last 44% longer.
Template code

  • If there already is a spirit spammer in your team, replace Signet of Spirits, Bloodsong and Boon of Creation with Wielder's Zeal and two of the following weapon spells depending on the area:
    • Nightmare Weapon Nightmare Weapon
    • Warmonger's Weapon Warmonger's Weapon
    • Wailing Weapon Wailing Weapon





Weapon sets:

  • Cast Strength of Honor in your 40/40 set.
  • Cast Splinter Weapon and your spirits with your channeling magic staff.
  • Switch to your swift staff for Great Dwarf Weapon, Boon of Creation and Draw Conditions.
  • Switch to your shield set when you're under attack or idle.


  • Maintain Boon of Creation.
  • Apply Strength of Honour on up to four melees.
  • Use weapon spells on allies.
    • Great Dwarf weapon: Prefer allies which attack quickly, such as those wielding daggers or playing a Protector's Strike warrior.
    • Splinter weapon: Prefer allies which attack not as quickly, pets and minions.
  • Create your spirits when you need energy. Use Spirit Siphon on each of them to gain energy.
  • Remove blind, weakness, crippled and deep wound from physicals with Draw Conditions.


  • Mirror of Disenchantment or frequent enchantment removal.

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